Teeny, Tiny Needles

About 2 weeks ago I started acupuncture. My OB/GYN discussed options on handling my migraines. You see I'm prone to migraines, normally getting them once a month but during this pregnancy I've been getting them nearly weekly. I don't think its due to work stress but potentially to some sort of stress. Tylenol was not working. Drinking some caffeinated beverage or eating did not help. I inquired about acupuncture. My doctor thought it was a great idea. She referred me to a traditional Chinese specialist at the hospital and also suggested I try extra strength Tylenol when i felt the onset. Together they are working. My wonderfully, fantastic Chinese doctor has been awesome. He's working his magic on my headaches as well as my lower back pain. I'm seeking treatment weekly and although I get the beginnings of a headache but with longer stretches in between they never really go full strength. I'm a believer now. I really want to get a picture of myself with the tiny little needles sticking out of my face/neck/hands/etc...

What else is new? I'm nearly 28-weeks along and feeling that heaviness sink in. At times I feel like there's an anvil in the lower part of my belly pulling me downwards. I can tell I've taken up the waddle walk although T is much to sweet to actually tell me that. I've started buying some baby gear and have learned a lot since the boys were teeny. I now know what to scale back on which is a really good thing.

The boys have started school. V loves, loves, loves his new school. I was worried about him since he was no longer attending the same school as his big bro (the same goes for K as well) but he was fantastic. His first day was great. He was super excited from the moment of springing out of bed. T and I both took him to school and he was fun and hyper and just plain silly. It was super easy saying good bye to him which was both awesome yet saddening for T and I since we expected a little bit of "don't go mommy and daddy." Out tiniest man is getting so brave! K had a few days off after V started school. I had a hard time deciding if he was excited or scared for kindergarten. He had days where he was excited and days that he didn't want to go. The boy was a giant ball of emotions. Luckily we had a day to go in for an assessment and to meet his teacher before the first day of class. I think that eased up a lot of K's worries. He did great at his assessment, the areas he was poor in was not surprising since he hadn't really gone through exercises such as that. Anyway, day 1 rolls around. So many excited parents. Flashes going off like crazy. We get to class. K remembered his spot for his backpack, he was adamant about buying lunch in the cafeteria (luckily I prepaid his lunch card), and he picked a desk right up front clustered with a few other boys. One of his desk mates was so cute, quickly introducing himself then proceeded to shake K's hand. We're still working with K not to be to shy since one of his biggest worries seems to be making new friends.

I'm starting to worry about K a little. I think we've gone through a lot of changes in such a short period of time. I think it stressed him out a little, while having nearly no affect on V. Without going into to much detail K seems to regressing in areas where he excelled and/or mastered. Its super frustrating since he won't tell us what's the matter. I can only assume but still it makes my patience run thin. As for T he is totally losing it. I've done some internet research and have begun to take a new approach on how I handle the situation(s) and i'm trying very hard to get T to be consistent with it. I figure the new approach is softer and may get K to open up and tell me what the worry/fear/stress may be stemming from. Easy for me to assume 1)moving to a new state, 2)changing schools (which we've explained numerous times he would have had to do in CA) and 3)a new baby on the way (he is so detached from this whole baby thing while his brother is absorbing it and bonding to my belly like crazy). I'm a worried/concerned parent and just want my little boy to relax. Just had to put it out there but really don't want to share the details.

Today we headed out to Lincoln City to see the coast and to hopefully let the kids run amuck and dig in the sand. The drive took 2-hours, half of which was totally boring and half really pretty. V was disgusted by all the clear cut he saw in the mountains and forests. Anyway we finally make it to the coast and we just hit the first beach we see. We hike down the path and quickly look for a place to sit. Lots of ocean stuff was washed up from high tide and there were so many weathered logs scattered about. We find a spot and it stinks. We see a big "log" near the shore break and T and I quickly wonder if it really was a log or something else. We both think its something else, most likely a seal or something. T walks up and tells the kids to stay with me. Of course I make T take my camera it case it is a dead animal and of course K runs after him to get a look for himself. Well, we were right it was a dead, giant, rotting, decapitated seal. It was nasty!!!!!! The kids weren't scared or to grossed out. We walked further down to find a new spot that didn't smell like the dead creature. There was so much ocean life washed up and this weird clear jelly like substance all over the place. We put the blanket down and k starts crying and getting really disgusted. V won't play in the sand. I ask them if they want to leave. They say they want to eat lunch at the car and then go home. So it is. They were so upset by the beach they didn't even want to walk back they just wanted to be carried. We forced them to walk, quickly and we were outta there. So, we picked the wrong beach oh well. However, i think it will be awhile before the kids ask to go back. oh well, can't win them all.

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