Another Week

This is the week, errr day, that I hope our lives will fall into a daily routine. One that is manageable and predictable. The kids need it. I need it. My sanity needs it more then anything. No wait, T's sanity needs it more then any of us. His days of playing "stay at home dad" is over. We had some drama last week but it all should be sorted out now.

Let's start with the kids. V is loving school. He's in a Lutheran preschool. We are by no means religious, nor do we ever talk about god, jesus, buddah whatever unless the kids for what ever reason brings it up. So our friends looked at us a bit strangely when we said V was going to a Lutheran school. His preschool teachers in Burbank even laughed. One would think he would be the trouble maker, the black sheep of the group but you know what he loves it. The school is pretty awesome. Small, academic time is every other day, he's learning writing he's learning morals he's learning spirituality. Spirituality we can work with, it is something I would like the kids to have. Yes he's learning about God but you know what's interesting he's retaining a lot from his bible study time, yes he has bible study time. I went to Catholic school for 6 years, I didn't love it, I was actually turned off to Catholicism at the age of 12 because my scientific questions to human existence were so rudely rebuffed but that's another story for another day. V is enjoying his bible study a lot, who'd a thunk it. T cannot believe how fast the Lutherans work with the God stuffs. I told him its harmless but pretty awesome he is retaining it all and its so cute to hear him talk about it and sometimes he makes up his own bits and pieces to the story and then it gets funny.

Now for K. I mentioned his crazy regression that was happening. He was talking to us about it and would just get so upset by it all if we even questioned him. He wouldn't even talk to us about school it was bad. I thought he was upset/stressed/overwhelmed by all our changes over the last few months. The tantrums started just as we were packing up California and then everything went full blow crazy a couple of weeks before school. It Was Bad! Real Bad. We didn't know how to handle him. did he need a doctor? did we need to tip toe around him? It was upsetting for me and sad for me. I cried because I didn't know what to do. Anyway, last week Friday we got called into his school by K's teacher and principal. They were concerned and noticed all the stuff we noticed but hearing it from their perspective and what they had observed at school answered our questions. K was not a happy boy at his big public school. He was not adapting, he was visibly stressed and overwhelmed. That afternoon we talked to K and when we told him we were taking him out of the school and finding him a smaller school he finally opened up and told us what was going on. It was some of the stuff we suspected and nearly everything the school told us and then other stuff that only he could communicate to us. I cried. I cried a lot. I didn't want to hear how my child felt lost and scared and lonely at such a big school. We scrambled, found him a new smaller, private school. Actually found a few but decided on one that the public school actually recommended to us. He visited the school yesterday with T and met with the Director and was able to start today. T had the honors of settling him in and he told me within a few minutes K was settled in, happy and made a friend and then asked T if he could finally leave. wow! I hope this is what he needed. T is also taking him to kung fu tonight for a first class hoping this will help him as well. Keep your fingers crossed for the little guy.

T is regaining his composure but it's evident he's stills stressed from his stay at home dad time. But its' getting better. This is why i'm hoping this will be the magical week we get our routine back. We really need it.

Im back at work full time, that was the deal once the kids were in school im in the office during office hours. I don't mind it at all. I can focus much better. Work is work not much to talk about. I think I finally found a sitter and will be meeting with her this weekend. I've warned her that there is a baby on the way as well and she's totally cool. She's a daycare/preschool teacher which will only be an added bonus for us. i traded in the 740i for something with AWD. I had to, we were warned by the neighbors and even before that it was obvious that only AWD/4WD would be making it around my neighborhood in the winter. I'm at like a 1000ft elevation with lots of hills and winding roads to my house. The car feels way more sturdier and safer then the 740i which was older lots of awesome power but we could feel that maintenance was creeping up on us and decided to just trade it in for a used car with AWD instead of sinking money in to it. Im happy with the purchase. lets see, i guess the biggest news recently is that i am no longer a home owner. Escrow closed on my house in CA last week. I have my check from the escrow company and we are all done. I was worried I would be potentially stuck with two payments every month until the house sold!

Physically/baby wise im doing ok. aching as all hell. ive been going to an acupuncturist for headaches and back pain and it seems to be working. but i dont think i'll make it until November when I was planning on taking maternity leave. I may need to do some work from home and then go out on leave in late October. Wow...things are moving fast. As of tomorrow i'll be 29 weeks!

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