Time Escapes Me, Again

Its been nearly a month since arriving in Portland. I think I've now got a handle on things. Cars are now registered, and as my friend Seth says, now people will stop spitting on me since the CA plates only invited it (did I mention Portlandians despise Californians?) Kids are registered in their respective schools. K will be starting kinder at our local public school, which I have read nothing but spectacular praise so i'm super excited, had we stayed in LA he would have most likely gone to private school and I would have been out ~14K a year!!!! V is all set and ready for his new preschool. Im glad the kids fully understand that they will not be attending the same school, I figured we sooner we nip this in the bud the easier it will be on the first day of school. Much to T's chagrin V will be attending a religious-affiliated preschool. We looked at all types of preschools and it was hard finding something with full-day care and if they did offer full day-care price was another consideration. I stumbled upon this particular school and they offered full-day, the price was awesome, we stopped in for a visit and tour and were pleasantly surprised. The preschool-academic portion of the day was very pleasing and sort of reminded me of the K's old Montessori school. I'm confident that V will learn a lot more then at the Y yet still have a chunk of his day having fun and being a kid. An added bonus is that the school teaches spanish and this year, for the first time, introducing Japanese into their curriculum. Yes, there is a little bit of religious study integrated into his day but we asked about that. its 20-min a day and mostly at a preschool level a.k.a. songs and stories. I'm fine with it and T said he could deal. I went to Catholic School and my experience was "eh" that said my kid is not attending a catholic preschool.

Okay, what else. We are still getting around the city via GPS. I'm sure it will take a while before i'm able to let it go. I mean there were still parts of Southern CA that we were navigating by Thomas Guide and we lived there for 9-years. We are totally unpacked, ok mostly unpacked. Winter stuffs is still boxed up. We have all the new couches delivered which makes such a huge difference. I think we stayed away from watching TV for our first few weeks becasue we didn't have anyplace to get comfortable unless we gave up and just parked it on the carpet. Which the kids had no problem with. Me on the other hand, no way. Im as big as a house now and sitting on any hard surface is just not good for my lower back.

Speaking of which. Still incubating the little one - 3 more months to go. I have my first appointment at my new doctor today. I'm excited and curious how different she will be compared to my last OB, whom I loved. In some ways I hope the new doc is more touchy feely and sensitive to my wanting to be on maternity leave early, early, early!!!!! My last doc was compassionate and sweet but she was very much like "this is your 3rd child you know the drill." We'll see how it goes.

T is slowly losing his mind. He has become the work from home/stay at home dad while i come into the office everyday. He sees my office as a place to escape. He is barely finding time to work as the kids are constantly fighting or nagging him about something. I told him they were bored and he did one activiity in the morning with them (art, park, anything really) and then jumped into his work they would probably be better behaved. The kids are not used to being at home sooooo much and need more stimulation especially in the morning - but there in lies the catch-22. The morning is when T really needs to focus on work. I told him he needs to work that out and he knew the deal before we got here. The kids are off of school for 6-weeks and i HAVE to come in but I did modify my schedule and i'm only in the office until noon so I can relieve some stress on him. He just needs to accept it instead of using my home time to run errands and stuff. Oh well. Its almost over and the kids will be in school soon.

Still no regrets on the move. I know now that this was the best decision my family could have made. K has shown no signs of his allergy-asthma problem he normally suffers from this time of year. He was using his inhaler the day we left LA and since arriving in Portland he hasn't needed it, not even once! That alone makes me feel I made the best decision!

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