Life on the SW Side

It's been nearly 10-days since arriving in Portland. Honestly its been tiring, due to lots of unpacking, never ending errands to get the house stocked and I didn't take vacation and jumped right back into work last week Monday.

I'm already loving it and not regretting the move for a second. Once we're officially settled in I think things can only get better. K is a little homesick, which is understandable. That was the house he grew up in and the only home he really knows. I'm hoping once we are able to stop with errands and what not he will settle right into the new place.

Our house is pretty awesome. We live in the West Hills. Pretty high up on the hill (about 950ft above sea level) and have an amazing view of the southern part of Portland and the Willamette river. The main street below has numerous little restaurants, shops, library and pool. Our neighbors are extremely friendly and there are even kids on our street, which we didn't have before. My junior high BFF lives maybe 5-10 minutes down the street. We've been in contact since she left HI in 1990 so this isn't a rekindled friendship its been ongoing but now we are neighbors.

Work is about a 25-minute commute which isn't all that bad, and I fully get I was spoiled by my nearly 7 minute commute from Glendale to Burbank. I haven't really made friends in the office. Some people I know from Burbank, who've relocated here. But for the next month i'll be working a shorter schedule so basically i'm home for lunch everyday. It's a pretty sweet deal.

T and I are making really big efforts to change our habits and to spend a lot more time with the kids doing things they enjoy. Arts & Crafts, reading, daily outings, whatever it is we can do together. Its been tough because we're still settling in and for me I want to prove to my boss that working remotely can and will work out.

The week we arrived was so damn hot with temps hovering around 105-106 degrees. It really sucked! We had the AC running all day long and now im terrified of my electirc bill. But my point is the kids didn't really get to do much outdoor stuff in the heat. By the time the weekend rolled around it was much cooler so we took them to Jamison Square and they had a fabulous time! Jamison Square is basically this big public outdoor space with lawn, lots of shade trees, food and most importantly an amazing fountain play area. There were lots of kids, but not to crowded, the sun was warm, the air was warm, not hot, and the kids were ready to rumble. T and I found a spot to sit and let the kids loose! We really need to take them back this week as a lunch time treat.

T and I both have friends currently living here. One of which is a chef and invited us to his Hawaii only BBQ. He made some amazing food and I stuffed myself silly. Greg turned on xbox 360 and K and Easy were glued to the couch playing all sorts of games and really not removing themselves from the controllers. It was funny and I didn't mind because we don't have a game console at home and K loves this stuff. We were shocked when he did stop long enough to eat (while simultaneously gripping his controller.) Our friends here, like us, have gotten most of the angst, rebellion, the need to be "cool" out of their systems - Thank God! And like us, are really into just hanging out, BBQ-ing, chilling and good friends. Things will be different. Things will be good. This change, wait, this move, I believe, will be one of the best things we've done for our family.

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