Eh-heartburn sucks! I hadn't totally forgotten about pregnancy heartburn, just kind of suppressed it. But its rearing its ugly head. I need to make sure i have some Tums stashed away in the medicine cabinet. Im pretty sure its there but it'll probably be best to double check.

Second full weekend in town has been pretty nice. Cleaned, unpacked a few more things we had stashed in our garage. Took the kids out to explore The Pearl. Visited our local Farmers Market, which was simply amazing. And to wrap up the weekend we took them to the local pool, and they had a blast. There's a family/leisure pool so it never got to deep for the kids. At its deepest it maybe hit their chins. There were lazy rivers, a little kid and big kid/adult slide, interactive water fountains and spouts in the pool, big covered areas, tubes, noodles and a water dumper interactive play thing and K's favorite was this whirlpool bonanza thing they had where you hoped in and there was a strong current sloshing everyone around in a circle, it was pretty fun. It was great getting in a pool and just playing and relaxing. I feel like I haven't done that in ages. Slowly but surely we'll explore our surroundings.

My little cousin (she's nearly 22) and her boyfriend are flying into town tonight. They'll be heading to Seattle tomorrow for 2.5 days and then back down here with us for 10-days. She's got a ton of stuff planned which is good for her and good for us since we're not super familiar with the area. One thing I do want to do is make sure we all hit the Clark County Fair in Washington for both fair food(!) and the monster truck show which the kids will go berserk over. With my cousins arrival and return from Seattle i'm looking forward to a nice long vacation!

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