Random Stuff in my Life

  • I'm starting to get big. Really, really round in the belly and my legs are at the beginning stages of sausage like stature. Have resorted to mainly wearing dresses or knit skirts and tees.
  • Have not succumbed to maternity clothes, yet. No reason since dresses are doing the trick.
  • Wait I bought maternity yoga pants which are totally comfy but boarding on pajama-like.
  • Migraine again, maybe for 2 hours now. They seem to come every week now and I'm not sure why. Maybe caffeine withdrawal? I don't know but it sicks, its incapacitating, and it makes me barf.
  • Need to notify school of intent to withdrawal kids at end of the month
  • My last day in the office is 7/23!
  • Twitterfox has aided in my Twitter obsession, making it much to readily available for me
  • Thank god its a 3-day weekend. i look forward to doing absolutely nothing.
  • have become totally distracted by FB Living Social quizzes
  • Slowly beginning to mentally check out of work
  • Secretly counting the days until maternity leave
  • I think i have carpal
  • moving has made me realize we own way to much sh*t!!
  • Super excited for Harry Potter!
  • Although i'm tired, constantly sore from packing, having weekly migraines i gotta admit Life is good right now.

1 comment:

  1. the migraines are probably from the withdrawl. since you can't take anything because of the baby, the only solution is a cold pack on your head and being in a DARK room and not moving.

    also, it's not unusual for women to develop carpal tunnel when pregnant. talk to your doctor.