It seems i can't fall asleep. Its nearly 2am, just after nine i watched 2 back-to-back episodes of Freaks and Geeks, followed by reading which I ultimately finished my book, I roamed around the house finding out that the garage door was wide open and the A/C was left running. I don't feel much like TV so why not blog. It's eeiry in the house. Since paining the den the curtains are off the window, which is in the front of the house. I know by the glow of this computer i'm like a beacon from those viewing the house from the outside. I don't like the feeling of openess behind me. Maybe I've watche done to many horror movies. Enough with that.

This is my last week in Los Angeles. I think the fact that I am leaving is finally sinking in. Up to now i've been real busy with stuff. Im still real busy with stuff, but being awake at 2am makes you think. I'm thankful for work it takes my mind off of things and in a strange way clears my head. I have a laundry list of things to do but we've made tons of progress.

Los Angeles has been my home for nearly 9-years. I've loved it! I really, really have. I actually thought this is the place I can see myself living out my adult life. Of course I believe all this prior to kids. Having my boys have changed my perspective on things a lot. LA has tons of things to offer for families and kids but there are also lots of things I don't want my kids to see and lots of things I feel like my kids will be missing out on. Deep down I feel like my move to Portland will be huge for my family. A giant quality of life change. Right now i'm sad and scared and excited for the new journey i'm about to embark on but also for everything i'm leaving behind. I know that the things i'll miss most about LA are all the stupid superficial things and things that only hold selfish meaning to me and I've always known this was not the best for my family. I don't know what T will miss but I know he's really excited to start our new life. Next Monday i'll be living my live in Portland. Doing my same job, adjusting to my new house, easing the kids with their transition. Everything will be different but the same. I welcome my new life with open arms.

Not sure if i've posted it but i'm pregnant. 5-months to be exact and last week I found out its a little girl. 2 boys and 1 girl. A nice mix and birth order. We're excited but the news hasn't fully sunk in. I've been to busy to really revel in the fact that we're finally having a little girl. My boys are excited they now call my big, round belly "she" or "her." It's totally cute and always brings a smile to my face. I want to enjoy this time but honestly i feel a couple of weeks away from really being able to indulge in all my pregnancy happiness.

Everything is overwhelming at the moment. Hence the lack of posts. Im starting to regain my composure so i'll be around more...soon. Once life has slowed down i'll have more attention for someting other then Twitter. Thanks for listening.

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  1. well, i'm going to "miss" you in the sense that your "about town" reports always made me think "how come I never go there and I live in this city too?" but I think you'll enjoy Portland.