I suck

I've been sucking at this blogging thing for a while. Posting videos more then actual posts. Life's been busy. Really, really busy. Work has suddenly picked up due to end of quarter numbers and the sales force going balls out crazy which in turn means that they make my job more hectic. Ugh, Sales!

On the personal side of things life is even crazier. Moving has consumed me. I new i had a ton of stuff but this is just beserk. I have way more stuff then I even imagined, and we had a garage sale to get rid of some of it (donating the rest). The packing seems never ending and my garage is a total nightmare. Half the stuff in there is either boxed up ready to be moved and other stuff haven't even been looked at. Yikes! On top of all that i'm pregnant again, nearly 4 months, which is awesome to me but with all that's going on its just the cherry on my crazy-life sundae. Once the relo-cubes arrive and stuff will be stored in there for pick-up/delivery i'll feel much better, calmer.

Oh yeah, i'm selling my house on top of everything else and we are really targeting for a 7/8 broker open. As long as we can get the painter in here this week or next i think we'll be in good shape.

T and I are heading up to Portland in a few weeks. gonna do a walk through on the new house, pick up our new/used car (i sold my little wagon 2 weeks ago) and our relo-cubes should be waiting for us so we can start unloading (T will be) and unpacking (my job :) ). I also need to enroll K in kinder and V in preschool (which has been it's own drama/headache in my life). I need to put together a list and once I see it all written down I think i'll be able to calm down a bit.

My last official day in my Burbank office is a mere motnh away. My boss has been so patient and helpful with everythign. I feel so lucky to have wound up with such a super cool boss.

Also I kinda blame twitter for taking away from my blogging time. I enjoyed finding time to blog but now with this random spewing at 140 characters its easy to get my word out whenevers i feel like it. But im gonna try to make a deal with myself to at least post a proper post at least 1/week. i have lots going on, most of it may be boring to others but its something. However should I find a blackberry app that allows me to blog from my mobile things may change. I'm a gal on the go and i like my tools on the go as well.

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  1. Awww...I'm sad to hear that you're moving, even though we never got to meet face to face but I'm glad that you're happy about it.

    And congrats on the new baby!!!