Where Did The Week Go?

Time is flying! I feel like the hours in the day are dwindling away and I'm no longer living on a 24-hr/day world. Maybe a 16-hr/day. Work is busy. Im up to my ears in various policy related projects; domestic and international, not much pressure (yeah right!). I enjoy the projects because I can kind of bury myself in the work, I tend to thrive in the workplace with that borderline overwhelming feeling looming over me. I normally have, what I like to call, my "screw around routine." It's a ritual of sorts and would feel incomplete not making my blog/gossip site/social networking viewing rounds while eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee before getting down to my actual work. Lately its like, maybe 10 minutes, and im hitting the work stuffs. I know that's how it should be but that being the new routine makes me realize just how busy I am.

Besides the work stuff, we found an amazing house in Portland. My friend checked it out for me, it was that amazing that I had to get my girlfriend on it ASAP. She confirmed my suspicions the place is amazing. It's an astounding 3x the size of my current house (which is a 1100 sqft). To be clear i'm not buying a house out there, since i'm not familiar with the area we are much more comfortable renting now until we get the lay of the land and figure out a neighborhood we love. Although how this particular neighborhood has been described it sounds to good to be true. Anyway with my friends assessment of the place, my questions answered, and my intuition pointing to yes I applied for the house. This morning we overnighted the $$$$, app and other necessary paperwork to the property manager we've been working with. Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed because I love this place and it would be perfect for our family.

We've been spending most weekends purging, packing and cleaning. I think we're going to sell the house so we've been keeping note of some things we would like to take care of before throwing it on the market. Mostly little things like fresh paint, a couple of new light fixtures and a new dishwasher. We've been good and made all the major updates a couple years ago: i.e., brand new double hung windows, completely updated electrical, new wood floor, brand new plumbing in the kitchen and laundry room and not to mention the complete bathroom gut and rehab. It'll be great if we can sell the place, since its a starter home and can probably be priced very fairly I'm hoping we'll get some interest with first time buyers.

Also with the move we've decided to sell a couple of cars so we don't have to haul it up to Portland. I've already got a buyer for my little car, which is a great zippy little thing, I just need to work out a day to actually sell it probably mid-june. T has also agreed to sell his little "play" car which is a 1975 BMW 2002. The engine has been rebuilt and its a driveable project car. It makes no sense to tow this car to PDX. People love these cars so I think priced right it should be relatively easy to unload. So yes, we'll only be taking the SUV with us. With the cash from the other two cars we're planning on buying my mom's friends car, which should be an evensteven purchase (cash wise). She lives right over the Columbia in Vancouver WA so that's nice, no transporting costs on our end.

I can't even describe how excited I am to move to Portland. I feel like life will be different. Good different and I don't really feel to sad leaving LA. I love it here, i'll miss my friends but I think the move will really be bittersweet. The quality of life change will be so worth it and knowing my kids will grow up around all that nature is exciting to me and really makes me reminisce about growing up in Hawaii. Good things to come.

If you're in the Glendale area tomorrow and you have kids this looks like fun.

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