In 2009 in, what i thought was liberal, California gay marriage is still not acceptable. Shocking. Will not dive deeper on the subject.

i haven't had much to blog about recently. Been super busy with work and wanted to spare the blogosphere with the details. One work think that i think is of important note is that when i returned from my Pacific NW vacation I did talk to my boss about transferring and nearly i week later i received approval. Awesome right? I'm totally stoked and have been frantically getting my shit together both work and personal wise. I found a house and my pal in PDX is helping me a lot, meeting with my property agents and such. i really want the house and hope it falls nicely into place. K starts kinder in the fall so once the house is secure i can find schools for the kids. It's much to overwhelming to discuss.

Other then that my life has been busy, busy, busy.

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