Common Courtesy

I don't understand some people. When i use a public restroom i always use those paper protector things for the toilet seat. When i'm finished with my business and I flush i make sure everything goes down. If, say, the little protector sheet doesn't get sucked down I flush again ensuring it goes down (with a little help). So what I don't get, there is at least one instance per day, here at work, that I go to the rest room and that little paper is still on the seat. Sometimes fully on and sometimes partially on. How hard is it to clean up after yourself? I don't get it, i really don't. Ugh.

On to other things. I've been fighting a bad cold this past week. I feel like im reaching the end of it. Im glad the congestion is totally gone and I feel somewhat human. I just need the chest cough to go away. the cough is more of a hack then your traditional cough. It's so loud at work that I feel like I need a bubble over my desk.

Did you read that article today about the office fridge? So gross but i can totally see it happening in my office.

Short post today. Work is kicking my ass.

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