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As you may have noticed i've been MIA. I've been neglectful for a reason I've been in Portland, OR. I just returned Tuesday night and went right into being busy at home. Kids returned to school the following day, T took off for Toronto, Mom was chilling with me and my street, particularly my driveway/street front was completely torn up for construction so that was unneccessary stress. But let me back up.

We have been planning a trip to Portland for months now. I know i've alluded to maybe, moving or something and haven't really talked much about it. But the fact of the matter is we've been thinking of moving to Portland so this was the big "make it or break it" trip. We used to live in the Pacific Northwest years ago and am familiar with the area and had made several trips to Portland back then. Since K will be entering kinder in the fall we feel like the timing is perfect. We both love the climate, the scenery, the chillness of the region and have had such teenage-like romanticised dreams of moving there this past year. Our kids, specifally K, has horrific allergy triggered asthma here that we feel like, as parents, it is our responsibility to rectify the situation for him. Of course the week or two before taking off for PDX he has his official season opener of allergy/asthma issues, it was bad as usual but within 24-hr of arriving in PDX it was completely gone. We figured it would go one of two ways. First disappearing all togehter or second the pollen allergies would be a major issue. There was absolutely no affect due to pollen. Yeah! Ok, so we've been discussing this move for some time now, doing lots of research online. Yeah, the job market totally sucks but T works remotely so it doesn't matter and my company has an office 30-min out of Portland (however, being allowed to work remotely from my boss is still up for discussion).

We drove up to Portland and the kids were total troppers. If it were T and I only we would have handled that drive in one day (approx. 14-hours minus any stops so maybe add 2 hours) but we didn't want to torture the kids so we drove as long as they could take it which was pretty long. We made it to Medford, OR on the first day, ~4-hrs out of PDX. We rented an amazing 3-bedroom ranch style home in the Hawthorne district, which is pretty similar to Los Feliz but a larger stretch and slightly more variety of foods/shops. My awesome mom flew up to Portland to hang with us and help with the kids so T and I could get some "to do" items off our list accommplished. We made it a point to give the kids one fun thing out of the house per day: OMSI, Portland Childrens Museum, Oregon Zoo, Laurelhurst Park, ginormous playtime at my friends house with their child etc...They had a blast! Anyway we were able to handle our business and meet up with some old friends. We found out there's a pretty big group of people there that used to hang out in our circle of friends (separate circles and together circles). Oh and Amber, I actualy asked my friend Adrienne if she knew you and she said she kinda did but really informally and she let me know that every summer they have Spindlefest in OR and everyone camps out and brings their families. We spent on eve with T's friend Greg G. whom I haven't seen in years, he's happily married and just bought a home. It was great knowing that there is a decent group of people that we are friends that are built into the area for us. Our visit more then lived up to our expectations and I can say that we are 99.9% sure we will be digging out of CA. It's a real quality of life decision for us. We've weighed out our pros and cons and there really is no dispute that PDX will be good for our family. It was important for me that my mom head out there with us. She spends a lot of time visiting wiht my family and it was important for me that she get a feel for the city as her opinion is valuable to me. I'm glad we spent the week there and I was sad to head back to California as Portland really felt good to be in.

Before we headed out of town it hit the news that my work would be doing Layoffs again but it was rumoured to be in June. Details were to be released in our Q1 earnings call (4/21) It was confirmed, another 5% of the workforce which was approx 700-800 more employees, and our 3rd round of layoffs in a year. While heading back to CA I received a text from a friend informing me that layoffs would occur on 4/28. I haven't poked around and asked who from our division was let go, mainly because i'm on vacation and I want to savor every moment. I'm hoping this will be the last of it but who really knows. I'm grateful, as far as I know, I still have a job. I'm guessing i'll get the lowdown from my boss on Monday.

T was suppose to return from Toronto today. However his flight was cancelled and he'll be home tomorrow. Bummed but its 7pm now, meaning the day is almost over and he'll be here shortly.

Now to enjoy the final few days of vacation. Ciao!

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  1. Wow - that is huge news! Exciting! I miss LA but am so glad we got out and don't regret it for a second.