The Time We're In

So more pirate action hit the news today, this one with 20 Americans onboard. Seriously, no matter how many pirate hijacking's that happen it still blows my mind that pirates really do exist, today, in 2009.

We were planning on seeing Adventureland tonight but some friends asked if we wanted to go to dinner. We opted for friends instead of anti-socialness. Adventureland will have to wait until next week.

As of this weekend I have finally watched all the DVD extras for Twilight. At some point i'll download the free iTunes version. Maybe before I take off for Portland so I can watch it on my iPod. speaking of iPod im debating if I should splurge on an iTouch or a Nintendo DS. They both have pros and cons and i'm wondering which I would use more often. The DS strictly games and other Nintendo releases the iTouch you get games, movies and music. Of course there's a big premium to be paid for the Touch but you get a lot out of it. Hmmmm...Any thoughts?

I've been looking high and low for a kids size Cobra Kai t-shirt and am shitouttaluck. I can find adult sizes but no kids. Maybe i'll need to download an image onto iron on transfer paper and make my own. K-dawg would totally dig it.

I'm totally digging Glasvegas' "Daddy's Gone." It was used in Monday's episode of Chuck and it fit the storyline near perfectly. Although, as much as I enjoy the song i can't see bands that sound like this live, to downbeat for me to fully enjoy.

My older son has such a complex about his name. He will not accept any nicknames what so ever. He only allows us to call him by his name or our nickname which is his first name repeated twice. My younger son tells everyone to call him by his middle name (which is the name of the lead character in Mallrats) but when he talks about himself he refers to himself as V. We're still trying to figure that one out.

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  1. http://www.laretrogifts.com/p-6767-karate-kid-cobra-kai-kids-black-t-shirt.aspx

    is that what you meant?