I'm not a huge U2 fan. I like a lot of their stuff up to Joshua Tree and even so I only enjoy 1 or 2 songs from Joshua Tree. Anyway, I was on Rhapsody and decided to listen to some old U2 so I did an artist search so I could select the perfect album. If you're not familiar with Rhapsody when you do an artisit search the results are returned in a 2 column grid. On the left is the artist(s) with the query's name included in the actual artist name, for example U2 returened 2 results "U2" and "U2 Tribute Band." The right hand column lists each items corresponding genre, this assists a user in locating the specific artist they were searching for. Since I don't normally conduct searches for U2 I was surprised when I saw the corresponding genre as Adult Alternative! Ok, granted they have been around forever. Bono looks old as fuck and seems to be fighting it in everyway possible. But wow, man. When did i miss this crossover? Was it Zooropa on that they became Adult Alternative or generally after Joshua Tree. I was in jr. high when Joshua Tree came out but they pretty much fell off my radar at that point, considering they were only dangling there by a thread. Wow reality came barreling down at me today!

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