Taking the Plunge

I feel like women's attachment to their hair is indescribable. It's a love affair of sorts. A secuirty blanket as well. I never wanted to be that person and sadly, once my short hair grew into this long, fabulous mass of hair I was in love. I've only had long hair for about 7-years after about 7 years or more of shorter hair. I've tried various versions of long hair. Bangs. No Bangs. Long Bangs. Long layers. No layers. But always kept the length. When it comes to styling though, i'm at a loss. It's either flat ironed straight or pulled back in a ponytail. Right now that is divided 50/50. As much as I love my long hair, i'm getting seriously bored. I never wanted boring hair but I feel that's where it's at now. The cute bangs are totally grown out the length is getting pretty long, although manageable it's still boring.

So, tomorrow I'm taking the plunge and cutting my hair. And i'm cutting it short! I'm scared, you know because of that whole hair attachment thing. I'm excited. The fact that my hair is so damn think and dense it will be like literally having 5lbs removed off my shoulders! Pics to follow.

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