Not This Week

Yesterday we were planning on going to the zoo. I live super close, like 5 min close. But a kind of roundabout, not direct route, 5 minute. So we head on over and the line to the entrance was totally backed up and crawling! So we make it to the front of the line, the parking lot looked packed. We turn to check out the zoo entrance. Although we have membership those hovvering crowds in front normally says a lot. Oh and boy was it crowded. You could barely see the customer service/ticket counter. We passed on it. We are not "crowds" people and just seeing that crowd in front was enough to make us wince. We drove through Griffith Park and settled on the train and pony rides out front. The kids had a blast on the train and we did not expect them to want to ride the ponies but they surprised. The pony rides is split into three types 1) Slow ride for ages 1+ 2) medium ride for ages 3+ and 3)large ponies for 7+. Since the slow ride looked kinda pathetic we opted for the medium for both boys. They stood in line and were quickly mounted on their ponies. When it was time for their round K's pony led the pack. And boy did he lead. His pony took off running! I nearly crapped my pants. K was screaming in joy and excitement the entire time. We could here "Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh" and then the daredevil decided it would be best not to hold on! We were yelling for him to hold on but I suspect the pony wasn't suppose to be runnign like that because one of the workers immediately ran after the pony, and of course, that was the only pony that did that. By the time the pony made it 3/4 around the ring it walked but as it started its second round it took off running again, this time faster. As scared as we were K was totally loving it! Of Course!!! Thank god V's pony was nice and calm since he doesn't always handle craziness so well. When the ride was over V surprised us by saying he wanted to ride again and wanted a crazy horse like K. Who'd a thought?

We had plans to go to Disney California Adventure today with friends but the weather report said it was going to rain. Since we really don't want to risk the kids getting sick again we postponed until next weekend. But today, sorta raining, sorta windy, hella cold and then sunny and warm? WTF? However, that didn't last long and the cold windy weather returned. I like the dip in temps but not when the sunny pops in for a visit. I'm hoping the cold will last a while becasue when the heat returns it will be here for awhile. So the day ended up being chill. Costco, park, home, outside play when the sun came out and then nap. It was a good weekend.

I've been working on a pretty big project this last month and its coming to a close, well entering a point that it will be sent to the VP for review. I'm happy with what i've done and I'm totally thrilled with the global visibility my work will have. Unfortunately i'm putting the finishing touches on it tonight in hopes of sending the work off tomorrow or Tuesday. Since i've been moved to my new team my work attitude has dramatically changed and i'm really, really happy with where I am. I feel like the information I will learn and the work I will do will really have an impact. Good things to come!

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