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T took the job. Other then my traveling neurosis there was no reason not to take it. The way things are in the world its comforting to me that he will be getting paid well and there's lots of security with it. I'm glad he's getting to keep his business and his partner is happy with him taking a step down from the day to dayness of the job. The pieces are falling into place. As soon as the dust settles around here I'll have the "working remotely" discussion with my boss.

Before the conversation with my boss I want to complete the new project I was assigned. You see I work independently. Its the nature of my job. I have 3 others on my team but we are all self-managed. Our boss steps back and unless we ask for help or something. The way I see it if I successfully get this project off the ground its one check for me. He know's im pretty good at what I do and don't need much coddling with work. I just go. I don't work well micro-managed. I work best at my own pace so I'm hoping all this will work in my benefit.

My mom has been in town. She was suppose to leave today but extended her trip by one day. She kept the kids home with her today. I think they are going to the zoo. The kids are so spoiled by her its ridiculous. We try to explain to her that she doesn't need to spoil them but she claims that's her job as a grandma so I let it go. Let's see.....Sunday afternoon we met up with some friends at Lucky Baldwin's in Sierra Madre for Belgian Beer Fest. It was nice to hang with S&S, whom are the parents of one of K's classmates. They brought their little Oliver and I felt bad when he was asking for our kids but we warned the mom and dad that we were meeting them sans kids. After yummy beer and chips they treated us to ice cream. I went out on a limb and ordered some french toast flavored ice cream and it was surprisingly good. Sounds weird but it was delicious. On the way home we weren't entirely ready to go home. I checked in with mom to make sure the kids didn't lock her in the bathroom or anything and she was cool and actually asked us to stay out later. So off we headed to the York, for some big bottles of Chimay and just hanging out. I loaded up the jukebox, updated facebook a lot and rambled along about various topics with T. It was nice and not something we do that often since there's nobody but us to watch the kids in the morning. With mom, we more then took advantage on her nudging.

I took Monday off of work. It was mom's birthday. The kids were sent to school. Mom and I had breakfast at Alcove. It was fantastic as usual. I never expect anything less from this place. We just kind of hung out for the day. Did some shopping as usual. I talked to my dad in the middle of the day about a purse my mom was checking out at the Coach store and suggested he buy it for her for her birthday. So he did, well my mom did on his credit card. The little purse is so cute and so her. We had a lite lunch and decided to pick the kids up early. Heading home over Laurel Canyon, traffic was pretty slow for a Monday afternoon. Once crossing Mulholland the traffic got a teensy bit slower. As we headed down the hill I began to see why. A car had crashed and rolled on the opposite side of the road and took down some streetlights and ended up laying on its side. All those rubberneckers were causing the traffic jam!!!!

We had our sitter come by last night so we could take mom to dinner for her birthday. We didn't want to go super early so we swung by the Americana so I could return some stuff at H&M. While standing in line for my return Jaime from this season's Top Chef came cruising in with friends. She's a lot smaller then I thought and she looks pretty damn small on tv.

Nothing dramatically exciting. 3-day work week for me. So I need to hustle and get all my work cramed into 3 days. If the weather is nice we'll take the kids to Legoland this weekend.

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