A Little Inappropriate-Maybe?

The kids were fucking crazy yesterday. From the moment the woke up they were n.u.t.s. We somehow thought going to breakfast was a good idea, but they did us proud and were mostly sane and even sat their and ate. However the minute we left they were crazy again. Selective craziness perhaps? Anyway T wanted to update his FB with "The kids are acting fucking retarded." Then he stopped and looked at me and said, "is that offensive to people?" I looked at him and said depends who your friends are. Would I find it offensive if it came from someone else, NO. I would know what that meant. Would you?

So the kids didn't have school on Friday so we went to Disneyland. We were there for nearly 12-long-fucking-hours. It was fun especially since it wasn't crowded. I think the longest we may have waited in line was 10-minutes. The kids had a blast! I think they only thing that disappointed K was that he was to short to ride Star Tours (the boy is pretty obsessed with Star Wars). While we were heading toward the exit of the park we decided to ride the steam train that circles the park. They kids were begging from the moment we got there so what better way to wrap up the day. The kids were dead tired. V held up pretty well but K was another story. Once the train pulled up at the first stop K went completely beserk screaming, "i need to get off! i need to get off now!" all this happening with screams and full on body flailing! We explained that we were going to go all the way around the park since our strolled was at the main station. He proceded to scream more, "i need to get off because i am tired and i want to go home and sleep!" :( How sad. He passed tired and went straight to meltdownovertired mode. T held him and the big kid passed out soon after. V on the other hand made it half way around the park then passed out sitting up next to me. It was a successful day, one I hope they won't forget. And yes, we bought the ears with names embroidered on back. Since us SoCal residents have the 2fer offer we'll be heading back down, in the next couple weeks, to the orange curtain to visit California Adventure.

I guess all that walking really did a number on my thighs and ass. I got out of bed on Saturday and my ass literally ached! Disney kicked my ass! What is up with that? However, the show must go on. T took V to soccer practice. He's finally enjoying soccer. participates through the entire practice time. One thing V seems to really dig are his knee high soccer socks and shin guards. We spent the rest of the day just being low key. Brunch, library and park. I spent Saturday evening frantically cleaning since friends were coming over on Sunday.

Sunday we had friends over. The kids were excited to have the Sherwoods over. Oliver goes to their school and is in K's class so anything outside of school with school peeps is fun for them. We picked up some snacks and yummy Belgian wheat beer. And the Sherwoods never ones to disappoint showed up with a yummy Portland microbrew for the playdate. T told Seth that he was thrilled that he understood the underlying meaning of "playdate at our house." By the time they left we drank all the beer and ate up all the yummy artisnal breads and cheeses and organic fruit. We had the bouncy castle set up so the kids went nuts. Our kids hit the sack at 730pm! Yippee!!!!! This meant I could watch all my recorded stuff. yeah!!!!

Back at work today and already thinking of the next weekend.

T received his offer letter for his new job. Exciting stuffs lay ahead.

Jonsing for a new tattoo, date night field trip but not this week. Tomorrow night can't be bothered with a tattoo i'm going to see Watchmen.

An oldie but a goodie (Uffie - "Pop the Glock"):

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