Chopped and Tired

Wednesday afternoon I chopped off my hair. I previously mentioned the attachment/love affair with long hair and I was fed up. More then fed up. I was bored. Bored silly. When Connie asked, "what did you have in mind." I told her short, cute, manageable just no "mom hair." I walked out of there feeling re-freshed and lively and not to mention 10-lbs lighter on my head. My hair has been chopped to just under chin length but not a conventional bob. It's totally layered and choppy. I love it. I think i'll really be appreciating the new 'do once the hot weather rolls in.

Yesterday we cashed in on our 2fer Disney ticket and spent the entire day at California Adventure. It's been awhile since I visited the park, the last being just mere months after they opened. Boy has it changed. Its a ton better and more interesting. It reminds me of Disney MGM in Florida (is it still called that?) if that's un-relateable then it's kinda like Universal Studios. The kids had a lot of fun. And it was a good day overall. We went with some friends of ours and the kids get a total kick out of it because their son is in school with ours, they've actually all known each other since V was barely 1. K really wanted to ride the gigantic rollercoaster California Screamer but sadly he was much to small for the ride. K's a big adrenaline freak. If its fast, spinny, remotely dangerous looking he wants to do it. V plays it safe. He needs to watch and check it out and then he decides, more like me in regards to theme park rides. We had a great day and spent nearly 10 hours at Disney..

Today i'm whopped. My legs hurt a little bit. But my mind is racing. I want to finish the laundry, wash my hair, vaccuum the rugs and scrub my stove top. What to do first? The kids are already hyped up for the day to start. I'm hoping some outside play time at home will do the trick but I have my doubts. It may be a visit to the park.

Since the weather has warmed up the kids have that weird transitional weather cold. While at Disney I heard so many preschool aged kids with the same cough. K is stuffy and I feel bad. He is still unsure how to blow his nose so it's hard to get him all cleared up. I'm hoping this doesn't last more then a week.

My vacation for April is approved and I was able to reserve a 3-bedroom house in Portland for a week. The vacation is officially set! The house location is pretty sweet and i'm looking forward to seeing some old friends. But for now my mind is on overload and I need to get some items checked off my to-do list.

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