And We're Off

Monday....I look forward to Monday's. I don't mind going to work. It gives me a reason to get dressed up and get out of the house. But once again its Monday. And its a slow Monday. Which is good today, I'm on week 3 of an ongoing project so this downtime is a welcome. I have a presentation this afternoon so any extra work I can squeeze in is wonderful.

This weekend we were mellow. Just hanging out on Saturday, going to breakfast (a late one) and the park. T wanted to show K and I the park that V has his soccer practice. The park was beautiful and empty, which is always such a surprise. Crowded parks freak me out and gives me slight anxiety. This park was new, clean and relatively empty. The kids played for nearly 2 hours and they had a blast. Sunday we decided to just hightail it to Camarillo and hit the outlet mall. We figured we'd check out any off season sale stuff. It was kind of a bust. We picked up some pants for K and new stride rite athletic shoes for both boys. T picked up a few stuff for himself and that's about it. I'm hoping these Stride Rites will last a while since they were bought pretty darn big. I just bought the boys cute crocs slip ons in December (blue for K and Tigger striped for V). V still fits in his shoes but K his little toes are just about jammed up to the front of the shoe!! Poor Guy! I'll still have them wear the crocs until they actually die which shouldn't be to far off. However I also ordered the kids another pair of Croc shoes in a larger size, and don't really anticipate them fitting the boys until later this year. But hey they were $35 shoes for $4.98 I couldn't pass up such a great deal.

On Saturday afternoon I was attempting to watch a movie on Starz but the station was not loading and giving me an error message. I followed the on screen instructions and it reformatted my DVR deleting EVERYTHING i had saved and EVERYTHING I had programmed to record!!!! Bastards. Once the reformatting was over I still couldn't access that channel and only that channel. I think I was duped into reformatting unnecessarily. Some of the shows I had saved I was weeks behind (Burn Notice and Dollhouse) but i'll catch up online but that's kind of a pain!

So T is taking off for Toronto this week. He has a meeting with the COO of his new company. Luckily its a one night, well two night trip and should be super fast. I hate work travel but deep down I know its worth it.

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