Yesterday I Turned a Year Older

Now that I've reached a certain age I've decided it is now time to freeze my age for a few years. Pathetic, yes. But I don't care. I rarely am asked my age, i don't proactively offer up the information. I like to leave it up to the person inquiring should the situation come up. I've been lucky and most people guess much younger, typically 8 years or so younger. I'm grateful for that. Personally, I'm glad i'm older. I've grown more comfortable in my own skin and am happy with the person I have become. I've mellowed out. I've become a better wife and a slightly more experienced mom. I still have much to learn but i'm chugging along. With the lead up to my birthday I've mentally created new "goals" for myself, such as:

I want more me time, to indulge in my personal hobbies like sewing. I miss it and I want to create that time for myself. I need to figure that out and make it happen.

I want to create more QUALITY time with my husband and my kids. Together and separately.

I want to become a better cook.

Id like to work in more alone outdoor time for myself by way of jogging, walking or hiking.

I want less drama from my life. Not personal drama but being sucked into other peoples drama.

Getting old doesn't sadden me. I'm happy with the life i've led, so far, and excited for what the new year will hold for me. Im the owner of my destiny and Im hoping it will be fabulous!

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