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First off I did not watch the Oscars last night. I don't care who won. I probably didn't see most of the movies anyway. Well, I take it back. I flipped the TV on just as the best supoorting male role (i think that was the category) was coming on and c.walken, c. godding jr, k. klien and some other dudes walked on stage. I had no idea what was happening. Then they started talking. I realized what they were doing. Kinda, sorta melodramatic. I lost interest almost immediately. I stayed on the channel to see who won (h. ledger for Dark Knight) and that was that. I don't get the appeal of the Oscars, I really don't. Never have actually. So whatever, life goes on.

I watched an awful movie this weekend. I figured it would be something the kids MIGHT enjoy. Mamma Mia. What piece of crap. I knew it was a musical but this was ridiculous. Although I did enjoy how nobody could actually really sing, like in theater where everyone knows how to put on those phoney smiley singing faces. I'm not anti-musical because I do love myself some Grease and Xanadu but Mamma Mia was to much for me. It took me nearly 3 days to watch it and by day 3 the kids were like, "mommy i don't want the singing movie any more can't we watch the Ninja Kid (aka The Karate Kid)." I don't think i'll need to watch it ever again.

As of Friday I finally have HD, in my bedroom. Only room in the house with HD, the living room tv is bigger but the kids dominate that tv with cartoons or family friendly tv when we all watch together, thus no reason for HD. Man, is HD pretty! Its hard watching a station NOT broadcasted in HD. I mean you really notice the difference. This will be the first week that our shows get recorded on the DVR in the bedroom i'm excited!!!!

Weekend was pretty chill. Saturday, V had soccer practice, after 2-weeks of canceled practice due to rain or muddy conditions. He had a blast and actually participated in all the training until he reached his little 3-year old state of exhaustion. They stuck around the park for awhile so V could play at the park before coming home to meet K and I. We ran some errands and then hung out at home. We were all to lazy to do anything. Sunday we were awake nice and early. I actually woke at 4am and read for a good 2.5 hours before anyone else woke up. We were up and out of the house before 9am! We decided to go have breakfast at Barney's Beanery (gut bomb city but yummy and comforting!). The kids loved the restaurant so much for them to look at and at 9am it's mainly other families there so no biggie on the noise and running around, checking things out factor. We returned some DVDs at the library and then headed down to Exposition Park to visit the California Science Center. I hadn't been to the Science Center since December 2003 for my company's holiday party. I remember it distinctly. I was a couple months pregnant with Kai but only 1 friend/co-worker was privy to the info. I was already beginning to show so I needed an empire waist dress to kind of disguise everything. I found a gown type dress and it totally did the trick! I remember drinking tonic with lime all night long so I didn't give any hints as to why I wasn't drinking. Nobody was wiser! Anyway the kids love museums and this was their first visit to the Science Center. They loved every minute of it and were overall pretty good the entire day until our late lunch and it was obvious that K was nearing his "im to tired for any of this but will not admit it" meltdown. Uh-oh. We hurried with lunch and promptly bailed. Luckily there was some traffic heading home so the kids were able to zone out and fall asleep. While everyone napped at home I added some stuff to iTunes, updated the kids iPod with all their music, uploaded pics from January and paid some bills. I actually accomplished a lot of little tasks I don't normally have time for. The only thing I didn't get to do was catch up on last weeks Heroes (yes i'm still watching, it was sucking last season but this season is better).

I'm officially a Facebook Junky. These meme's are both a curse and a pleasure. Im not so much into the personal ones as I am with the music ones. I recently completed the 25 Albums (That Left a Profound effect On you). That was tough, thinking in "albums" rather then "singles." But I survived. Re-reading my list I can totally see the pivotal point in my life when everything changed for me as most albums were those that were played ad-nauseum between the ages of (13-17) heavy on the 13-15 years old period of life. Now my friend Andrea had this idea to list the 100 singles that had a profound effect on you. Tough, very tough, but i'm up for the challenge. I'm trying hard to think back to the days when music wasn't one of my passions but rather the stuff my parents played in the house and we all danced or sang to. There were definitely songs i loved from my dad's music collection but i'm having such a hard time channeling that info. With singles I can be much more specific and capture a broader time span. This may take a few days to complete. Maybe i'll even post it here.

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