Stress Relief

I get so mad at myself for getting so upset about really petty things. But its not normally one petty thing. It's numerous pettying things that add up and it turns into a snowball effect and i can't take it anymore. I try to nip these things in the bud as best as I can but sometimes people have thick skulls and don't get it. I know i can be passive agressive at times and overly sensitive to other peoples feelings and not wanting to hurt their feelings. I'm starting to feel like fuck their feelings because my sanity is means more to me. Vague. Yes. Will I be more detailed. Hell No. Now that my bit of "verbal diarrhea" has some what been aired I can move on.

Have you heard the new Lily Allen? I love it!!! Different from "Alright, Still" but good. So far i'm loving Back To The Start the best. She's playing the Wiltern on April 2 and I think i'm going to pick up some tickets and reserve my babysitter for that night. Tickets aren't to badly priced but once i'm raped by Ticketmaster it'll be costly, you know by their "convenience fee." BS.

My coffee drinking is getting out of control. Since the big purple got rid of the free soda vending i've been drinking lots of water but i've also been drinking lots more coffee. I guess really its a combo of more caffeine and my body feeling really exhausted. I haven't figured out why im tired so much. I need to take a day off and spend it in bed sleeping and catching myself up. Normally when we take the kids to bed we'll read a bunch of books and maybe watch a little bit of a "family" movie. T and I are normally awake during this movie and the kids pass out pretty quickly. However the last couple of weeks, I turn the movie on, roll over and shut my eyes. I can't take it anymore. Is it possible to get a doctors note for this so I can be excused from work for a week or two?

I love this song.
The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual

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