So Much On My Mind

I know i've talked about this briefly in the past but after many discussions over the last couple of weeks i'm about 95% sure my family will be leaving Los Angeles before the beginning of the fall school year. My husband and I have had numerous conversations on this topic. We love this city. We love it a lot. However since having the kids Los Angeles is a totally different place. I'm no longer interested in the next cool hangout or restaurant or store and i'm tired of the drama. Of course there's a lot more reasons but those are mine and my husbands and we've sorted it out. Finally understanding the light at the end of the tunnel that's been taunting me this past year is relieving. I'm excited to start a new adventure in the near future. The husbands business will still be based here so he'll be back every so often and sometimes even bringing us along. I'm building up the courage to talk to my boss about possibily working remotely. I don't want to have this discussion any earlier then need be, especially with reorgs in progress!

Thats it. I haven't really been talking about moving to many people but I needed to get it off my chest.
Deets to come.

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