Monday Morning Randomasity

The rain has been wonderful. My idustructable lawn is green again. The sweaters are in full rotation. And I love wearing tights nearly everyday.

Work has been painfully slow and I fill my days with other "work" that needs to get done. We have been re-org'd again but this is the best ever. I'm on the main team in which my "old" team was kinda, sorta a sub-team. I feel like I've finally moved into the right spot. I felt like the evil step-child that was forced into a place I didn't really belong. I'm waiting for the day work picks up but am enjoying the downtime while I can.

I read Post Secret every Monday. And every monday there is at least one post that makes me cry. It sucks to be sitting at work with a lone tear or two trickling down ones face. I can relate to many of the postings listed but would never admit to it to anyone but my husband. I love that there is an outlet such as PS for people.

I talked to an old friend last night. It was so great hearing her voice and I miss her dearly. I think the last time I saw her was right before I got pregnant with K. It was a short visit and one of the days I spent completely and utterly hungover. What a waste. She wants to visit sometime this month and am really looking forward to reconnect and I know it will be like we were never apart. I have a few friends from my early teenage years. I know these are friends I will have for the rest of my life.

So that Facebook 25 Things drove me nuts. I finally completed it last week. I held out as long as I could but was tagged so many times that I caved in and did it. However I did not tag anyone. I broke the rules so sue me.

I'm starting to have those weird antsy feelings Im so used to when I've been in one place to long. I've been having the urge to move for a couple of years and I think i've reached my breaking point. T and I have had many discussions on this topic. I want to work and keep my job and I really need to have this discussion with my boss. I wanted to wait until the layoffs and reorgs blown over, which it has. Now i just need to build up the courage. Ideally I want to work remotely or even in our other office so we'll see how it will pan out. In addition to this T and I talked about whether or not keeping my job is a make or break factor in moving, it's not. I think really its more a quality of life type of move. This story will unfold more in the near future.

I learned about a great public school here in glendale. In case we really don't move i think this is where i'll send my oldest. They have 3 language immersion programs and its a free school! T and I have struggled with the public vs private school thing.I do not want to fork over thousands of dinero anymore. I don't want to live one step behind or pay check to paycheck and I kinda fear that's what might happened with a private school tuition in our hands. I was a public school kid until 7th grade and I turned out ok. Hearing about this school really made me happy, i read up on it online and it seriously is a great option for us.

This weekend I did my duty and stimulated the economy by purchasing 4 dresses at H&M. I get so depressed about all the different businesses shuttering. People are scared and not spending but we need to get out there and spend some to keep businesses going (thriving seemed a bit much right now). We also atteneded a birthday party at My Gym this weekend. The kids had a a ton of fun playing and running around. I even shoved T into the ball pit and then he immediately buried himself so he could scare the preschoolers who decided to jump in after him. His plan only sorta worked.

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