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If I were still in highschool today would be the day we went to church and got little ash crosses on our foreheads. It is Ash Wednesday. We had to do it. We also had to give up something for lent. I always gave up something stupid and insignificant. If memory serves this was also the time of year that we weren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays. Well saying we "weren't allowed" is a bit absolute, let me rephrase. We should have, as most catholics do, give up meat on Fridays. The cafeteria didn't serve meat or offer meat as an option. But leave it to my mom with 13 years of catholic school to make me a ham and cheese sandwich or something on Friday. I could care less either way. I was raised catholic, we didn't go to church, but I went to catholic school from grades 7-12. I was turned off to christianity at the age of 12 in religion class when questioning creationism. Scientifically it didn't make sense to me, remember this was my first dose of religious teachings, ever so this was totally new. Anyway, it didn't make sense and instead of explaining the schools values or stance on this at a level an impressionable 12 year old could understand and comprehend I was basically told to "zip it" and the Deacon moved on and continued his adam-n-eve dog and pony show. Whatever. That did it for me. High school religion was a joke, i got nothing out of it, i took it in but nothing sunk in my last year of highschool i pretty much gave up and cheated my way through religion (once I found out the teacher re-used old tests, word for word). Thank god for older friends who saved their work. The teacher was so out of touch that I memorized my friends essay's and re-wrote them nearly word for word with no questions asked by the teacher. Not that he had a halo floating over his head, he dated one of his students while she was his pupil. Once graduating he started parading her around school events. GROSSNESS. Yeah, religion...whatever. Probably why i love reading books debunking creationism and other god-like miracles. No more religious talk here...not really something i'm comfortable really discussing although i word vomitted just now. Done.

On to other topics.

I've been known to drunk email and text. Im not proud but it happens. I know i'm not the only ones. A few of my friends have done it as well. I have one friend that made me very sad on one of the happiest days of my life. I didn't know how to react but of course leave an overly emotional me alone with a bottle of wine and a laptop and that is a recipe for disaster! I drunk emailed and spilled my guts in the least classy way. Yikes! This was years ago, i probably even blogged about this before. I have since emailed and sorta apologized. Sorta I mean, i am sorry for the harshness but i'm not sorry i put it out there. She needed to know how I felt but probably deserved a more classier email. She's emailed since. We have mutual friends so I know what's going on with her and now she's having a baby. Probably today or any day now, in fact. Anyway, my point is have any of you written off a friend? For any reason, being a bad friend, bad influence, drives you nuts...please tell me your experience. My day-to-day friends have shared their experiences with me and its all valid reasons. I was stressing one day and ultimately one of my oldest and dearest friends (i have a few of these and cherish them dearly) was concerned and I gave her the abbreviated version of the issue, nobody else needs to feel the dramz...anyway she told me friendships shouldn't be hard. She's so right and I whole heartedly agree. I know friendships have their ups and downs but they shouldn't be hard. This all comes back to my theory on friends it's quality over quantity. People who've known me longer are the ones I hold closet to my hear I can lean on and depend onthem and any other superficialness is left on the wayside. I promise i'm done whining. I've just been dealing with a lot lately.

T was offered an AMAZING JOB. He has his own biz now and they are willing to let him continue to own his company but they want him bad. Like a dog in heat bad. They are calling, emailing, texting like crazy. This would be a great opportunity for him and for us. There are some downsides, downsides we were able to get rid of once he left the last company he was at but we need to do decide does the upside outweigh the stuff I don't love about the position (aka travel). he's getting more deets today. More to come.


  1. I'm not sure that I agree that friendships should be easy. Any relationship should be maintained and cultivated and that constitutes work. 2 people have to work at it to keep it going.

  2. Xinh, I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think friendships should be easy either but I don't think they should be hard. And by hard I mean they shouldn't make you think less of who you are and cause you undue stress. But I agree a friendship, like any relationship, needs to have some level of work put in from both parties to make it mature. It's when one side stops contributing or decides to go rogue that makes it hard.