The Times They Are a Changing

It's no secret that the company I work for has had its share of ups and downs this past year. Crappy stock, 2 rounds of layoffs and much more. Yesterday we finally announced our new CEO and i'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that this will lead to better and bigger things for the company. I'm hoping the future will be looking up.

The past 3 days T has been in Vegas. He had some meetings set up at the Internext (don't look if you don't want to see any state of nekkidness) convention. According to my nightly updates it was totally worth the trip and he got a lot of business done. That being said I was flying solo with the kids since Monday. They were very good boys. It's surprising how their demeaner changes when they know its just the 3 of us. However, since it was just me I don't get to give them as much attention as when T is around. I try my hardest to keep the house in check, but nightly straightening, cooking and other nightly duties keeps me moving from the moment I get home. I do my best and the boys seem happy. I've spent the last two nights sleeping in their room which I dont normally do. I think we all got a lot sounder sleep this way.

After a big comfort food and dessert filled vacation in Hawaii i'm back on track with my eating habits. I've probably reduced my calorie intake to half and trying to target around 1200 calories/day. I'm feeling better eating in the way i've grown accostumed. Lots of fruit, lots of protien, easy on the carbs and lots and lots of water. I don't feel so tired and lazy, which is good. On top of the return to my normal diet i'm back in the gym 2x week and hopefully 3x a week.

Change is good!

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