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Vacation officially ended yesterday as I loaded the kids and myself into the car and headed for preschool followed by work. I can't complain though, work wasn't to bad. I think after the holiday advertising bonanza things may be quiet for a while. So I had enough work to keep my day on track but not so much that I felt overwhelmed. Nearly perfect, so can't complain.

While we were in Hawaii, I neglected to mention in an earlier post, we attended a burlesque show. Yes, Hawaii has their very own burlesque troop. It was held in a Gallery down on Hotel street, which historically was a pretty seedy part of town and unless you had specific business to attend to you didn't' really head down there at night. Chinatown is in this area and during the day the hustle and bustle of little markets and Chinese herb shops are fascinating. The old style architecture is amazing. However in the last few years parts of the area has been transformed. Lots of bars, galleries and wonderful restaurants abound. We were thrilled to be checking out one of these spaces and bonus that on this particular night was the year end bonanza for Cherry Blossom Cabaret. They did not disappoint. The show was over an hour long with singing and dancing. It wasn't as over the top as you would expect but it was much more then I expected. The girls are super talented and the show went without a hitch. Having it being held in a gallery space was superb as it didn't reek of "bar" an there was lots of sofa/loveseat seating, mid-century modern light fixtures hung from the high ceilings with super low lighting set the mood perfectly. I took my 21-year old cousin with me and she LOVED it and is already planning on taking her mom to their performance this month. For $10 it was the best deal I had all vacation.

On Sunday we took the kids up to Angeles Crest to play in the snow. Friends of ours (their son is K's classmate) came along. The trek up wasn't to bad and we made the mistake of picking a pretty crowded spot; mistake becasue I'm not a fan of crowded fun. Anyway we get there, head down to an area to tube and K was off, he grabbed a tube and started runnign up a hill. We were not to happy about this and asked him to wait for us. He is a stubburn little boy and didn't listen and not only that his little brother ran after him and immediately started crying cause he kept slipping on an ice patch. As I rescued V, I kept asking K wait as either T or I had to catch him at the bottom of the hill. After numerous requests to wait for us, out of the corner of my eye I see K heading down. I whip my body around and no one is there to catch him. I had just handed V to T (as I was now stuck on the patch of ice) and our friend was the closes to the bottom of the hill. I yell for him and draw his attention to K, he runs for the spot but K is going to fast. In a split second, K's tube hits the ditch at the bottom of the hill, did I mention a rocky ditch?, flips of the tube and face plants. From my perspective it looked like he hit a rock and my heart immediately sinks and I am sick. S (our pal) gets to K first, whips out a teeny light and checks his head befor touching him. No blood on the head. K is screaming!!!!! T grabs him, then I take him from T and I check his forhead, eyes, teeth. Blood is smeared all over his face. Thank the lord, other then blood, I don't see anything major. S tells me he didn't actually hit the rock but the mud next to it!!! I'm feeling better. Strangers offer me tissues and tylenol. I accept the tissues and start cleaning K up. Once most of the blood is blotted off his face I notice the damage. Glasses broke on his face and cut the bridge of his nose. A surface scrape down his nose and both nostrils bleeding. Lastly a few minor scrapes around his face. Turns out all the blood on his face was from his nose and he smeared around. Once I understood the extent of his injuries and overall he was "ok" I was so upset. Later that evening we talked about the importance of listening, and he was frightened enough by his injuries that he listened and said he understood. I can't beleive how lucky we were with this! Anyway his nose is healing, thank goodness it wasn't/isn't broken. He doesn't fuss when I apply neosporin on him but he's having fun showing all his school friends his battle scars.

Last but not least my little baby turned 3-years old while we were in HI. We had a party for him, he received way to many presents and he really made the best of his day. It was HIS day, and he made sure we knew it. The community my parent's live in have a Christmas parade every year, just so happen the parade this year was the day of his party so of course he thought the parade was just for him. Once the first wave of the parade passed my parent's house V and K grabbed their dad's hand and joined the parade. It was much to funny! But when the parade turned the corner and they didn't jump out my mom and dad had to go looking for them. It was a great day and a reminder how fast time is going by!

And one more work cost cutting measure: no more free soda! At least we still have the free espresso bar.

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  1. When the dot-com industries started to tank, the first thing Monster did was take away our soda fountain. They did leave us the bottled water though.