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Last week my faveorite radio station went off the air. There was an offical post on their site citing their refusal to "play the corporate radio game" and then i read an interview with the program director and he said the site was gonna go regardless since their numbers were down. Whatever the case they are kapoot. So, sad. No good stations to listen to and its back to flipping stations until finding something I like. More reason to put my ipod back into my car. However Indie has made their station online so I can listen to them at work.

It's 23-days into the new year and I already feel so grateful for so many things. Mainly being employed. I read the news about unemployment, stock, foreclosures, store closings and its frightening. No its horrifying. I'm trying to live lean while trying to do my part and stimulating the economy. I buy. I shop. I look for sales. I do what I feel like I need to do without going overboard, not in the least. There's gigantor strip mall with gigantor stores like Target and Michael's down the street from my office. It's kinda depressing. Two large spaces, once occupied by Linens 'N Things and Shoe Pavilion are not vacat with big For Lease signs in the window. I fear this is where many things are headed. I'm scared what things will look like Q4 this year. I read about so many companies doing layoffs, and thank the big guy for having a job, I hope Y doesn't do layoffs again. I never like to let myself think, "i'm ok" becasue you never, ever know. Although I'm doing my best at living lean I don't want to take away from my kids childhood. I want them to be oblivious to change. I want to continue with the parks, museums, occassional fun lunches or trips to the ice cream shop. They don't need to worry, they are much to young for that. I want to use my cash smartly. People I talk to have their own view of where things are headed and what we should be doing. To each their own. I take the advice in but ultimately i'll do what's right for me and my family. I don't watch the news, its super depressing and i'm convinced that they love instilling fear with their scare tactics. I'm starting to depress myself a little and i'm sure i'm not articulating well.

What's up with TV lately? I feel like we had a Fall TV season, shows ended and we are now in the Winter TV season. I would like certain shows, like Chuck for example, to play out for an entire season 22 episodes not freaking 10! What a f*cking jip. I'm looking forward to shows like Burn Notice returning and checking out new shows like Lie To Me and United States of Tara but c'mon! What happen to full seasons. I get that some shows are doing full, regular seasons but what's with these abbreviated shows????

Last night we had date night. Nothing extravagant. My dentist, yes my dentist, gave me a xmas gift this year and part of my gift was a gift card to PF Changs so we decided to cash in and go to a movie. I stopped by Costco after work to buy discounted movie tickets with came with a coupon for a free large fountain drink (yes!). We saw Paul Blart Mall Cop. It was pretty funny. We were in no mood for anything dramatic or required much thinking. We are both at the tip of getting sick and just wanted a no brainer. After our early movie we walked over to PF Changs for dinner. I had no clue how much my GC was for so I included it in the billfold and explained to the waitress I didn't know the value and if she could deduct what needs to be deducted and then i'll make up the difference. She returned a minute later and told me I still had ~$25 left! Whoa, my dentist gave me a $50 GC. I was super surprised. Nice touch, Dr. Lee!!!! Since it was only 9.30pm we walked over to Urban Outfitters to, uhm, stimulate the economy. They were only open for another half hour or so. T and I speed browsed picked up 1 item each and decided we'll come back over the weekend or the following week and take our time. He was in no mood to try on stuff and I didn't get to sift through everything like I would have like to. I picked up a plaid, slighlty oversized shirt and T picked up a new black Fred Perry jacket which was marked down 75% or so.

Today's outfit: black and white large striped Volcom tunic, black leggings with zippers (but can't see them), fitted black school-boy cardigan and cognac colored western boots (love them lots and feel lucky to have found them for $39 at Ross.)

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  1. For some reason, 103.1 can't keep a station. Before it was Indie, it was this really great Dance/Club Mix station that I loved so much. I forget what it was before that, but whatever it was didn't last long either. I wonder if it's because it's a really hard station to pick up. I was never able to get it on just a regular dial tuner radio except for on one specific section of the freeway on the drive home.