I Can't Smell

I'm sick. T was sick. The kids are sick. This is how it is in our house. One of us can't be sick and ask for pity by everyone else, we all have to get sick at once. Who cares who was sick first or how we got it the fact is my house is one giant germ factory. I was giving the kids cough meds and decongestants that didn't really do much. But as of yesterday I figured I'd test out my winter allergy theory with K and give him his inhalers. you know what? It worked so much better then the cold meds, so i'm sticking with that for a while and testing out the allergy theory on V today with some Loratadine (sp?), i'm thinking its going to work as well. I would try it on myself buy I have no tolerence for allergy meds, non-drowsy or not i'll still pass out. I took a sick day yesterday because i felt miserable. My head felt ballooned up, my cough was gross and I just needed to rest, although I still hunched over the computer for much of the afternoon. However, I dragged my ass to work today with a jumbo box of tissue (can't count on work to ever keep tissue in stock), loaded up on decongestants and am now trying to work through my email. I'm thinking I may call it a short day and head home at lunch.

The kids were cooped up at home much of last weekend andI really want to get the out of the house for a little bit tomorrow. I don't know what to do or where to go. If the allergy meds are working for them maybe we can check out Nickle Diner for breakfast tommorrow (home of the bacon donut!!!) Anyone know of anything going on this weekend?

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