Happy 2009

Back from Hawaii and I'm tired, oh so tired. Let's see:
  • Going back home for 2.5 weeks is awesome! So relaxing and more then enough time to do "nothing"
  • Spent more times then i'd like to admit at Kailua Pub
  • Bonded with my little 21 year old cousin more then ever
  • K got massive mosquitoe bites
  • Seeing my brother in law was such a treat. In highschool we used to clash but now we are very close and get along so very well
  • Lots and lots of rain. Every single day. Wonderful!
  • Only got to hit the beach once due to the shitty weather
  • Christmas was great, kids got so much stuff that we had to send back two giant boxes of stuff
  • V had a 3rd birthday party. Mainly family but he absolutely loved it and relished in his special day. The community my parent's live in had their annual christmas parade the day of his party and he thought it was for his 3rd birthday (we let him believe it)
  • The boys made their dad join them in the parade. We were all shocked when they didn't come back at the end of my parent's street
  • I am stunned by the islands beauty, i'm surprised this went unnoticed for 19 years! Everything was especially green this year
  • We checked out some open houses
  • Karaoke'd with the cousins. I got so wasted and blame it on the 3 tequila shots my cousins bought me
  • Spent the entire next day after karaoke in bed miserable. Hangovers suck! Never doing another shot, only sticking to wine/beer.
  • Ate some great food
  • Didn't get to read as much as I would have liked
  • T read a lot
  • Rested, Relaxed and Rested some more
  • The kids had a blast as always. They had an amazing afternoon with their boy cousing whom they hardly get to see.
  • Had fun during the island wide blackout! Played Charades, neighbors brought over clams, ribs, bbq chicken and more they made for a party which was now cancelled due to the blackout, kids "camped out" in the yard.
  • Didn't get to see any of my old friends. I do and I don't feel bad. Sometimes I really want to just escape and do nothing but chill so I did
I know there was a lot more but I just can't think anymore, i'm tired.

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