Self Pity

Im not feeling like myself today. I really don't want to be at work. Time is dragging like nobody's business and i feel sick to my stomach. Layoffs are this week. We have been left in the dark. It's kind of pathetic since the company bent over backwards early this year when we had layoffs. Yep 2 rounds of layoffs in '08!!! Fun Times. Im sure tomorrow will be worse. And Wednesday, aka D-Day, will mainly be a tupsy turvy day of when will it start, when will it end and who will be left? We've heard numerous rumours floating amongst employees. We can only speculate what is happening since nobody wants to tell anyone anything. It's painfully obvious my boss knows nothing as everytime a question is asked or we'd like confirmation of a rumour he has nothing for us. This makes things worse and proves his worthlessness even more. Today I read this article, which confirms Wednesday for hundreads and thousands of employees.

Here's the funny thing about Wednesday and my boss' inability to manage and speak the truth (maybe he himself was in the dark but i'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt because, as good as a person he is, he can't manage!) Ok, so in october, while I was in hawaii, I read on a wonderful tech gossip site that there was going to be layoffs at Y sometime after Q3 earnings and they projected a 15-20% layoff rate. I get back from hawaii, layoffs are announced that week and they say it'll happen over several weeks. Now on the gossip site, they first said if it didn't happen ASAP the golden number would be 12/10/08. We asked managers, directors whom ever would listen if this was true. NOBODY would cop to it. They say, we don't address rumours. How can you believe VW since they've incorrectly reported news before (once that we know of and most of the stuff reported comes true!!!) basically it was a world of Denial. And now, its 12/8 friends of mine in management are attending lay off "training" (WTF????) becasue its happening 12/10. Never once was this admitted to us. We read it online, speculated it was true and guess what? It is. Have some respect people!

come Wed afternoon i may or may not have a job.

Layoffs suck. But it sucks more 15 days before christmas. it sucks more when the economy has gone to shit. it sucks more when there are virtually no tech jobs out there. it sucks when you have a family and you know you worked your ass off for a company for 8 years. it sucks. i have my fingers crossed and although i don't pray im hoping for a higher power to look out for me.

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