First of all. This is pretty funny:

Looks like D-day here at work is shaping up to be next Wed. No Comment until then.

I haven't been up to much. Keeping my head down and mouth shut at work. Doing my job and hoping for the best. We took Santa pics on Tuesday night and they turned out hysterical. Im not previewing them in this domain so as not to spoil the fun. Email me if you'd like a Christmas card. last night we walked the DWP light show over in Griffith Park. It was so much since this first week, through Sunday night, is car free so you can stroll the route in the main roadway and take a look at the lights up close. The kids had a fantastic time and were in complete awe of all the wonderful colors. I recommend walking the light show before cars are aloud in. Great crisp cool air, exercise and nice and relaxing. Plus they are selling hot churros and hot chocolate at each entrance.

T is getting a few hours of work on his arm. Fucking Finally! He waited one year after the initial two sittings and now it looks like he'll be finish in maybe one more sitting, so after we get back from Hawaii! I shouldn't be jealous but I kind of am.

V has been having night terrors. We encountered this with K and it was a pain in the ass. But V's seem to be so much worse and uncontrollable. I feel bad for him but I know it will past. It totally sucks and T and I really need to discuss and make we handle the little guy consistently when he's going through this. I've been taking mental notes of any changes in his evening routine that could possibly encourage this night behavior. Anyone else encounter this?

Tonight is date night. Looking forward to it. We've been using date night to see new movies and i'm much enjoying it. Occassionally we still go out for a nice dinner but right now we're enjoying movie times. However I will need to multi-task this evening. First, gotta find small xmas gifts for the kids teachers, eat some grub and then we'll be seeing Four Christmas. Would like to see Milk but it doesn't start until Friday. Oh well.

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