Holiday Season Vacation

Last week at work was pretty brutal. The big, company wide layoffs was gonna go down. The two months leading up to last week was harsh. We weren't given much details so most of what any heard was online (news and tech gossip) and things employees may have overheard. Rumors and truths blended together with no confirmation of anything from the "big guys." I spent Monday searching the web for jobs and most of my day was spent doing that. it was sad really, and my workload was light so i'm assuming most of collegaues were doing the samething. I found some decent things and on Tuesday I actually had all my emails, cover letter and resume attachment, ready to go. I decided not to jump the gun and see how Wednesday played out. I'm not going to lie. I didn't know if I was safe or not. I didn't want to give my self a false sense of security so i refuse to believe everything was gonna be okay. I interpreted the layoffs as "everyone for himself." We weren't given much information so I could only assume the worse. I got into work just after 8am on Wednesday and immediately chatted with a friend who told me layoffs had already begun in her department. It was a very emotional day. Lots of people from my department was laid off, probably 25% it was rough. Around 1115am my group was taken into a room and were basically told that we were okay and that we would be returning tomorrow. Our director was considerate about everyone's emotional state and allowed us to leave for the day. I was shaken up and totally relieved to be leaving the property knowing I was gonna be back the next day. I was just relieved I was only going to be in the office for a couple days and then I was gonna be out for vacation.

The company holiday party took place on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and I was so happy we went. There was a great turnout and all laid off employees were invited to attend. The food was good, the activities were entertaining as always. I'll need to post pics as it was a Las Vegas theme. I think the Northern California party was much more elaborate but whatever. Sunday morning we caught the first flight out to Hawaii.

I've been in town for a little over 24 hours and i'm having a good time. My brother in law is also in town (from DC) so we're spending a lot of time with him. He's thrilled to see his nephews and they adore him and have a blast playing with him. Today we took the kids out to the Dole Plantation and they had fun on the train and the maze wore us all out. We spent a few hours out there and then took the coastal road home through the North Shore. The beaches were beautiful and the "country" out there is such an amazing site. Tonight we're going to dinner with my BIL and MIL at Alan Wongs Hawaii. I'm super excited and have been wanting to have dinner here for the last year.

Things here are as chill as they were in October. Its so weird to be back and actually be able to chill out and enjoy myself. I hope the rest of the trip goes as relaxing as last time. One upcoming low point is I dont' think we will be able to hit up our favorite Lanikai beaches. The president elect will be in town for the holiday and will be staying in Lanikai so they for sure will be shutting down lots of the sorrounding beaches. Bummer!

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