Election Day

I woke up bright and early this morning and watched the news. Something i never do. I'd like to say it's because i'm totally stoked for this election and I want a jumpstart on what's happening in the world on this, potentially, monumentous day. But's its not. I woke up bright and early because i'm still on Daylight Savings time and my internal clock is totally jacked. However while I was awake I did watch the news to see how things are going election wide across the US and to check out the weather forecast because frankly, I loves myself some weather forecast.

I wanted to vote this morning but the polling place wasn't open. Eh. No bigs, i'll drive over to my polling station on my lunch break and go vote. Hopefully taking a little earlier then normal lunch will help me beat some crowds. I read up on all the propositions, created my little cheat sheet to help me in the booth and of course I know who I will be voting for President.

What's been up. A few weeks ago I saw the move W. Good stuff. Scary stuff. I'll leave my political comments at the door here but scary to think this has been the leadership of our country! 'Nuff said. I saw Alkaline Trio which I've already blogged about. Took the kids trick or treating in the 'dale. After all these years its still hysterical to see highschool girls using the day to totally Slut It Up!!! Saturday we had a yummy breakfast at Mel's in Hollywood. The kids gobbled up all their food which was amazing. We then took them to Roxbury Park to burn off some energy and wear them out a bit prior to heading to Amoeba. The kids were so psyched for this as Yo Gabba Gabba was performing live at the record store. DJ Lance was the first up. He played music and kinda re-enacted the show then he one-by-one intruduced a Gabba friend as each one came out the did a song and dance before the next friend was introduced. Out of the five friends three were present and my guess these are their most popular: Plex, Brobee and Muno. There were lots of people there. Some were dressed up. My kids wore there Kidrobot Plex and Brobee jackets. Some adults were dressed in full costumes. we propped the kids up on our shoulders so they could get a better view and they danced and laughed and yelled. It was fantastic. Little V was in utter amazement that he was seeing his tv buddies live! I think he went five minutes without blinking once.

Sunday T took K to the Griffith Observatory. They checked out the museum and the planetarium and had lunch together at the new commissary. While they got their fill of space V and I attended his classmates birthday party in Burbank. It was a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) themed party. and the parents even hired a Belle to come and entertain the kids. Most of the boys lost interest after a few minutes but V and another little boy with a V name stuck around for story time and songs and dance. I was so happy the V totally got into the participatory part of the story; she made it like a choose your own adverture. He also did the hokey pokey but somehow he turned the circle into a toddler mosh pit and started running, flailing and mildly ramming into other kids. Although the funniest part was the princess was bending over doing something ad V rammed into her ass nearly toppling her over. I tried to stop him but seriously I didn't put a ton of effort into it because I sorta wanted to see how far he would go (within reason). It was pretty damn funny and nobody was getting hurt and everyone was cracking up. The party was great and by the time 1pm rolled around, the end of the party, he was ready to go home. Sunday night we met the Cohens for dinner at Farfalle in Los Feliz. Dinner was fantastic, we sat outside since 4 toddlers can be a bit chaotic. We hadn't seen them in a month so it was nice to catch up. There son is at the age where T and I stopped taking the kids out to eat although there boy may be stacking up higher on the loudness pole then our kids ever did. I think a time may come soon when we may have to have dinenr with them in our homes or without any kids at all. Whew.....

Today i'm getting a flu shot at work. The kids are getting there's this eve and T needs to get his as well. I'm hoping the pediatrician will be able to give T one as well (the do that) otherwise he'll need to wait 2 weeks and get his at Costco.

Tomorrow is date night. Not sure what we're doing. Maybe dinner but i doubt it since we just went out on Sunday night. Most likely a movie.

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