Bullet Pointed Post

  • I find it so surreal when I read news articles about Pirates hijacking ships.
  • The CEO has stepped down. I'll keep my thoughts to myself since I read to many articles about people losing their jobs because of blogging about work.
  • Over the last few days i've been listening to holiday music. Maybe its a little early but I kind of need this because this warm weather is anything but holiday-like.
  • My eyebrows have crossed into unruly territory. I need a was ASAP!
  • They are filming The Mentalist near my house today.
  • I love my new phone. Its amazing. Its beautiful. Its so fancy, almost to fancy for me. major upgrade from my old Blackberry.
  • T's birthday was last week. I bought him a Luke Chueh mini set and i'm glad he loves them! And its not as morbid as the one we already own.
  • On the to do list: Date night with the Cohens ASAP.
  • Layoffs are looming and it seems like its the buzz about the office. Everyone is nervous and in the dark. Totally sucks!
  • Work is kicking my ass. I thought after elections things would calm down but if anything its spiked.
  • Last night the V-man slept, for the first time with no pull ups. And he was totally dry. He is 100% potty trained during the day and it looks like he may be ready to sleep without pull ups as well! Thank god.
  • The dilemma - Santa pics. With or without me and T?????
  • Did I mention I love my new Blackberry?
  • I'm so excited the Twilight opens this week although I probably won't see it opening weekend.
  • Currently reading Rebel Angels the sequel to a Great and Terrible Beauty. Yes, Young Adult again but with work kicking my ass its a great escape.
  • Our pomegranate tree is outta control, it produced so much fruit this year. I wish we could have enjoyed it a bit more during the height of the production we were in HI and totally missed out. Turns out the boys love themselves some pomegranate.
  • I'm weeks and weeks behind with my DVR. I'm tyring to catch up with Heroes but i'm confused. I have all of Fringe recorded but haven't watched any. Ive given up on Pushing Daisies, did it get cancelled? loving Chuck but i'm 3 weeks behind. I'm watching stuff online while at work, during lunch of course, trying to catch up.
  • The news is depressing. It's total economic armaggedon right now and i hate reading about it. And on top of that PIRATES are real!
  • I think I want to move. I've mentioned this before. But I want to move before K starts kinder next year.
  • Hawaii? I'd love to live near my family and its only taken me 15 years to figure that out. However, Hawaii is fucking expensive. Normally it is pretty in sync with California but prices have drastically gone up over the last few months and now HI has surpassed CA on cost of living. When we were there a big jug of milk (without the grocery store special card) was $7. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. SEVEN BUCKS! WTF???? Maybe its gone down but damn things were expensive. But weighing that against having family around...might be worth it. I don't know. We have another option that we're kicking around.
  • T is busier then a bee. I feel bad for him.
  • I need major tax deductions this year. major, major. deductions.
  • Back to my gym routine. Need to get myself back into shape before the holidays

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  1. Watch Pushing Daisies while you can. It got cancelled so there will be no next season.

    Fringe is pretty decent. A lot of folks aren't into it but I'm enjoying it.

    I gave up on Hereos 2 seasons ago.


    I'm jealous of your new phone.