All Is Not Normal

Things at work seem weird. People are a little quieter. People "appear" to be focused and busy. I think deep down we've all been dreading this long weekend. Nobody knows what to expect when we come back. Will layoffs happen immediately after the break or will we just be shakin' in our boots everyday keeping an eye out for management trolling the floor plucking people, one by one, from their desks. If you think i'm exaggerating here, i'm not, this is exactly what they did last time. People tend to think D-Day will be 12/9 or 12/10. Fucked up! Why? Cause they scheduled our holiday party on 12/13. This is what i don't understand we knew layoffs were happening in Oct. Frankly we knew it was happening prior to earnings call when they made it public knowledge. Why then wait 6-7 weeks to take action? They should have taken action immediately then send out invites for the holiday party. Invites went out a week prior to the announcement. I know lots of this sound vague, cryptic even but I'm purposely omitting details and names. Okay so after this weekend the countdown is on and this time me along with others will probably be Tweeting all the details as they happen.

On to other things.

Last week Friday T finally put in 3 hours into his arm. It has been incomplete for nearly a year. For one year his entire left arm has been black and gray. Just line work and shading. Friday he added color to the bottom half of his arm and it looks great. In a week and a half he goes back and will add color to the inside portion of his upper arm. I'm looking forward to that as there's a great big Peony on the inside and i'm really hoping he decides to go with a purple magenta gradation on color. My guess is once we return from hawaii he'll have one sitting left and his arm will finally be finished. Then it's my turn again!!!! If I still have a job i'll probably continue work on my hands/fingers or i'll get something in the weird empty space above my wrist, under the butterfly. fun!!!!!!

Need to get more coffee and need to kick some work out.

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