I grew up with the original Beverly Hills 90210, at the time it was my favorite teen drama and I never missed an episode. 10 years of that show and I never missed one. Occassionally I'll watch re-runs on the SOAP network but that's rare. When the CW announced they would be airing a reincarnation of the show, 90210, I was skeptical and intrigued. I recorded the first episode and was on the fence. Then decided it may be just the first episode and it needs to introduce characters and set the stage. The following week I watched episode 2 and so on. I've come to embrace the show. It is not Beverly Hills 90210, it is a fresher, modern day take of the show. Its exciting seeing old faces but its different. Good different. It's definetly not my favorite show, I don't record it and opt to watch it online when I have the time. Its still a soap. It still deals with teen/highschool drama. And it keeps me intrigued and allows me to forget about my own problems for at least an hour.

My little V is nearly 100% potty trained and he's not 3 years old yet! Yeah!!! Much easier and much smoother then K's potty training extravaganza. When we came back from vacation V was sent back to school in pull ups and that first week back he did a great job using the potty. Towards the end of the week we discussed with the teachers what we should do to further the potty process. We all decided that the following week he would wear underwear and be done with it. He had a couple of accidents the first two days but after that we were home free. He's still doing the pull ups at night and working towards weening him off his nightly cup of water. And you know what, he's doing great. No accidents during the day and he wakes up in the morning nearly dry. We had such problems with K and the entire process seemed to drag on for months (whether or not it was I can barely remember) I was afraid we were going to have to struggle with V but none of it happened. He took to it like white on rice. We are ecstatic, he is a happy camper. No more diaper rashes. No more crying because of the rashes. And once this overnight thing is sorted out NO MORE PULL UPS!!!!!

Generally I'm not a huge news watcher. I prefer to read my news since it allows me to pick and choose the topics I want to read about. Anyway, reading about all the companies filing for bankruptcy, businesses doing layoffs (mine included), housing markets collapsing just general economic armageddon freaks me out. The big purples layoffs is to occur next month. Nobody has any idea who will be affected. I don't understand the 5-week delay in annoucing the layoffs and then following through. I don't know if i'm safe or not. T and I have cut back with the spending just in case. Although severance will be provided that is limited and with the job market sucking who knows how long until a job is found (if i'm affected). It's scary times. I've been reading articles regarding private schools and preschools. Families losing jobs thus kids taken out of school or to many families applying for financial aid. It's scary. I know families pull through and you make the best of what you have but the country has gone to shit and I really don't want a first class seat. My director alludes that our little team will be safe (most likely, but no confirmation) but in times like this I don't want to get my hope up. I would rather be pessimisstic about the situation and if I'm spared I can rejoice. Times are tough and I'm not one for prayer but I'm treading water to the best of my ability right now and hoping for the best.

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  1. Fingers crossed that your job is safe.

    Jealous of your potty success. Piper is gonna be a tough one. Resisting it bigtime.