Vacations Rule

  • Been on vacation for 2 weeks now and unlike other times days are going by slowly
  • I'm not looking forward to heading back. Not because I'm dreading going back to work but this trip has really made me think about where we, my family, should be. My kids are loving it here. Spending time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It makes me sad to think that going home will be dragging them away from all of this.
  • Last week Friday I threw my cousin a 21st birthday party. I rented out a private karaoke room and had soooo much fun. I sang a lot and kinda feel I partially monopolized the mic. Fun times, awesome company (all family), lots of food and to much alcohol.
  • It's been nice not really watching much tv and just enjoying the warm, wonderful days.
  • Been to the beach a few times. Totally forgot how beautiful lanikai beach is. Pics to come when I'm back in LA
  • First time no arguments or stress from the parents.
  • I've learned the V is a social butterly.
  • K is having a good time, sad to leave, but kinda being a spoiled brat-I totally blame my parents
  • As most visits to Hawaii I got my usual pedicure but this time added some eyebrow waxing to the mix. But god damn it now I have the up keep of getting them waxed in LA
  • The night of my cousins bday party we popped into a tranny bar and oddly ran into 4 of my highschool classmates. A.W.K.W.A.R.D. and no, they are not trannys! haha
  • T's been working a couple of hours everyday we've been in HI. I feel bad but he has to do what he has to do plus it allows him to be able to come back whenever.
  • I finished reading A Great and Terrible Beauty and am now simultaneously reading Angles & Demons, American Psycho and How Sassy Changed My Life.
  • Enough...I want to continue to revel in my vacation

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