It's Practically November and It's Still Hot

When I left work today I was more then miffed at how warm it was outdoors. It's late October already and i'm ready for fall. Yeah, its Southern California but we do get cold weather. I'm over this heat wave and want to wear things like sweaters and scarves and boots. Ugh!

Somehow my entire household has gotten sick. The kids got hit with it first, probably from preschool. Then it spread to me and then T. On Saturday morning, in that weird not awake but not quite asleep state, I knew my throat was gonna be a problem. I felt that familiar burn while catching the last couple of hours of zzzz's. I didn't want to wake up at all, I didn't want to face that realization that i had a sore throat. Eventually my bladder got the best of me and I was forced out of bed. Not only was my throat hurting but I was also faced with sinus pressure all throughout my face. I had big plans for the day but it didn't really happen. I didn't really get out of bed until 1030 or so. By mid-afternoon T was feeling shitty as well. Around lunch time we did attempt to leave the house and do something productive only to have the kids pass out in the car so we took a long roundabout drive and came home. We thought we would get to nap as well, since the kids were out we might as well take advantage of some downtime. But we pulled into the driveway and once the car was shut off both kiddos woke up! Sunday was a bit better, productivity wise. With the fact that we were all under the weather we just kicked ourselves in the ass and got on wiht the day. We split early in the morning to eat and immediately headed down to the Natural History Museum. They have the Spider Pavillion up for a couple more weeks and we wanted to take a look before the exhibit was over. it was creepy to walk into a green house structure surrounded by spiders and webs. At one point we were just walking and right at eye level a spider walked in a straight line in front of me. It surprised the hell out of me. V was freaked out and just wanted out! The museum was fun. Since they were preparing for the Haunted Museum night the halls were being decorated and everything was so festive!

This week will be fly by. Tomorrow is a team potluck and pictionary showdown. Wednesday I leave work early for the gym. Thursday is our Halloween work even and Friday we're outta the office at 1pm! Yeah....Tomorrow night i'm going to see Alkaline Trio and i'm totally stoked. They are performing an outdoor concert for Jimmy Kimmel so I scored free tickets as opposed to spending $80 to see the on Sunday night.

V is about 80% potty trained now. Im so excited. It's been going a lot smoother then it did with K. I think since he sees his brother using the toilet he's a lot more inclined to doing it as well. Plus the kids school have been totally instrumental in the potty training process I don't know if K's transition from pull-ups to undies would have been so smooth. V's teachers have been helpful as well. Their daily feedback has been wonderful and V is now going to school with underwear on and the cards will fall where they will fall. Our only hurdle now is having him get over the fear of going #2 on the potty. At home he'll only do it on the little plastic potty and having to do so on a full size toilet freaks him out. I'm sure that was TMI but that's what i've been doing since coming back from Hawaii. I cannot wait until I am all done with pull ups! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are two pics from Lanikai Beach in Hawaii:

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