Long Weekend in the LBC

The kids finally returned back to school after a 5-day break. Today was the official "new school year." No doubt they were excited. What with new classrooms and new lunchbags. V is over the moon that he's with his most faveorite teachers. Im not sure if I can say the same for K. Only time will tell how he feels about his new class. His old class was divided into their new classrooms based on birthdays. So the "older" 4-year olds were in one class and the "younger" 4-year olds were in another class. That means none of his BFFs are in his class this year and the teachers pointed out that he was the "big boy" in class. I'll check in with him at the end of the week to make sure he's okay with this change (i think its kind of strange considering he is eligible to start kindergarten the same time his "older" 4-year old friends are able to). Anyway, as I was saying they had a long weekend that began on Thursday.

T stayed home with the kids on Thursday. He was really looking forward to it since he's rarely home with them both and on a weekday to boot. He called me just after 9am on Thursday to inform me he was heading to Pasadena to take the kids to Kidspace. I was surprised since he didn't even mention it to me the night before. I guess it was a decision made on a whim. I didn't here from him at all until 130pm, when he was on his way home. I couldn't believe they were their the entire time. He said the kids had a blast, riding bikes, climbing through ant tunnels, water play (which got them soakced but T was on it and packed some extra clothes) and even exploring all the exhibits available at the museum. They ate all their lunch and T said they were faced asleep barely 5-minutes into the drive home. I arrived home just after 4 and was shocked to learn V was still asleep. K napped for 2-hours but V was out cold. Good to know the little guys got some rest.

My parents were to arrive at 5am the next morning. I was planning to pick them up, not sure what i was thinking when I offered that, but they were kind enough to offer to take a cab and let me sleep in. K was so excited to see them that he could not fall asleep. I ended up falling asleep almost 2 hours before he did. Yikes! Anyway, it was still dark out when I woke up but I wanted to check the time. It was 549am and I had to text messages. Surly they were from my mom. First message: "Landed." Seconded message: "In a cab on the way." I looked at the time on the second message, 509am?????? OMG there flight was early. I got out of bed in an attempt to look sort of awake and dressed when they arrived. I opened the bedroom door only to see all my house lights on. My first thought was T was awake with V. Groggy i shuffled my way to the bathroom to pee. Once finished I looked out the glass french door that separates the bedrooms from the rest of the house and saw my mom! Damn they were here early. I could barely keep my eyes open, the lights were much to bright. Mom and dad explained that their flight arrived a half hour early, they hardly believed it themselves Around 615 I woke T and got dressed. Minutes before leaving I made sure to wake the kids to let them know tutu and papa were there so they wouldn't freak out that T and I were gone. K was up in a nanosecond so thrilled he could hardly contain himself. V took the usual 5-10 minutes before acknowledging anyone. Once the kids were awake and coherent T and I headed out for work.

I left work early on Friday because mom wanted to hit H&M and get her shopping fix under control early. It was going to be a quick trip, just the weekend nothing more. We shopped just for a little bit and only the kids wound up getting some clothes for school. Friday night was casual. No going out for T and I which is usually the norm. Since we have our weekly sitter appointment there's no rush in squeezing in adult time. Saturday was going to be busy.

We all woke up relatively early, dressed and headed to Billy's for breakfast. I was good, no big eggy, greasy gut bomb for me. As wonderful as it sounded I tried to stay as much on track with my diet as possible. Anyway, after breakfast we headed to the La Brea Tarpits/Page Museum. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Man buying the Natural History Museum membership has more then paid for itself. We spent a few hours there, made a couple of stops for my dad then headed home. While everyone was resting I decided to drive my dad out to Sherman Oaks, we had something on hold at a store and we figured now was a good a time as any to go pick it up. Its rare that i'm actually alone with my dad so it was nice father daughter bonding time. Around 530ish we packed up and headed to Long Beach. We were spending the remainder of the long weekend in the LBC where my dad would be performing on Sunday night.

My dad was booked on Suday so we took the kids to the Aquarium for some fun. I really thought it was going to be nice and cool but it was hot as usual. I guess on this particular day living so close to the water meant jack! You know, I rarely go to the Aquarium. 1) I think the drive is a pain and 2)I think its much to overpriced for what it is. I mean its nice and all but $20 per adult is kinda ridiculous! The aquarium in Hawaii is much, much smaller but its $9 and worth every penny. I can't say that the LBC auarium is worth every penny, if anything it leaves my pocket feeling rather empty! The kids liked it okay, i think K much more the V. V was mainly interested in seeing Nemo! Which he did, a big tank filled with 100s of Nemos and Dories. He was in Disney heaven. After the aquarium we went to check out the fair and the Performing Arts Center and had some Hawaiian food and shave ice for lunch. The kids didn't nap, which terrified T and I. No nap generally means gnarly nighttime meltdowns. So in an effort to tire them out we headed back to the pool, got changed into swim clothes and we all headed down to the pool. Little did we realize 2.5 hours had passed by. That should account for something come bed time. As the evening rolled in, we ordered dinner from the grill downstairs, got situated with our meals, ordered Kung Fu Panda on the TV and settled in for a nice night. Nope. The kids nibbled and were much to worked up over the movie. T and I hurried through our dinner tried to calm the kids down and eventually paused the movie and forced the kids into bed. They were much to nuts. within a half hour both kids were nuts and T finished up the movie. On Monday morning we headed back up to the 'Dale to relax before dropping my parents off at the airport so they could catch a flight to Vegas.

One thing that I did do this weekend was start reading Twilight. After holding on the to book for a couple of weeks now I dove in late Saturday night. I read in my spare time in the hotel room or at the pool and finished the book yesterday. Can I just say I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT AND LOVED IT AND LOVED IT. I had watched one preview of the movie months ago and decided to read the book first before reading or watching anything else about the movie. I wasnt going to make the mistake I made with Harry Potter. On Monday after dropping my parents off I headed to Borders adn bought the second installment, New Moon. Im half way through and ordered the 3rd and 4th books (and a copy of the first one for myself) this morning off of Amazon plus upgraded to 2 day shipping since I suspect i'll be finished with New Moon by then. The story is lovely and beautiful. I havent felt this way about a book in a really long time. It's totally filling my Potter void but its different. The love story element is amazing, so far, and the visualization Im getting from the book is fantastic. I'm falling in love with the chracters, the story, everything about it. I can barely put it down. As I type I'm thinking about taking my next break so I can pour over a few more pages until tonight. I highly recommend it.

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  1. I read Twilight over the weekend too. Well I read it in 5 hours. Can't wait to read the 2nd one.