Let's Ketchup

Last week Thursday Mai and I had our "date night." They are pretty innocent nights out. Dinner and a Movie or Dinner and some shopping. This night we decided to spend it in Old Town Pasadena. Ever since my office moved from Old Town to Burbank I kind of avoided the area because I no longer received free parking! We were excited to have our night out, away from the kids and the men. The Cohen's showed up at my place and Mai and I bailed after a few minutes. We wanted to maximize our time. We got to old time which was much more bustling then expected since school was back in session. Anyway we parked and strolled the area thinking of where to eat. We settled on Santorini, not sure if Mai liked her food but I loved mine! The downside was the extremely slow service. The patio was packed and I don't know if there was just one waiter on hand but it took forever to get anything from him. No biggie. But there was a bit of pacnic setting in when we ralized it was almost 830 and H&M was closing at 9. Check paid and we bolted and headed down the street. We shopped real quick and even managed to try stuff on which is new for us. Normally we buy and return. But not that night. I picked up a really cute dress for work, a loose green top and a new black cardigan. I love the dress so much. It is classic, fitted but not tight and looks great with boots. When the shopping was over we wanted dessert. Not real sure where to go but kind knowing what we wanted we opted for Cheesecake Factory. It was packed and people were waiting for a table!!! Damn! We asked if we could sit in the bar and order foods which was A-OK so we did and got great service. We lingered for a bit chatting and eating and then finished up with a night cap. Well I had a night cap of Sambuca but Mai ordered this horrendously sweet looking drink called a Georgia Peach. By the time we were done it was nearly 11 and we called it a night. I had a great time. I always do. Mai and I complement each other and love being together. We owed ourselves this night. She having her issues and me just being so burnt out from work and so tired and desperate for vacation.
The weekend was pretty low key. Hung out at home, went to the library, took the kids to the park. Regular local type stuff. It makes me so happy knowing my kids enjoy the library. They understand the borrowing concept so there are no big arguments when a fave story needs to be returned. We really make use of our membership with both books, movies and CDs. For the first time I checked out the adult movie selection and they have some good stuff. Not sure if I'll make use of the adult selections since I do have Netflix and movie channels on my TV but its good to know its there. I will however continue to make good use of the kid stuff. Since we started borrowing movies from the library we've ceased buying movies for the kids, the only exception was a Gumby collection because it was so cute to see how much they were into it. I tend to think K is attracted to claymation. The boy loves, loves, loves Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace and Grommit so Gumby wasn't to surprising. Hmmmmm.....I bet that could be it.

I have been putting off making a hair appointment for weeks. I really need to call and make one for next week Monday. My hair is dry and I have lots of split ends but what really bugs me is the length. It's about 5 inches from my waist. TO LONG! I need to cut a good 6-8 inches off. Its not unmanagable its just to long!

A couple weeks ago I finished reading the Twilight Series including the 260+ page draft of Midnight Sun. I really loved the story. It's a love story first and foremost and it is beautiful. A few of my friends have teased me for reading a young adult series but I don't care. I buried myself in the stories, gave up TV and let my self go. I became obsessed. Im rereading twilight now. I liked that feeling of surroundering myself to a book it was liberating. Im really excited for the movie to come out and i'm hoping i'll be able to get away from work and watch it opening day.

7-work days before i'm off to Hawaii!

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  1. We should watch the movie together. I don't know anyone will watch it with me. :)
    But Robert Pattinson isn't what I picture what Edward looks like.