Easy Days

Yesterday was a nice short, but busy day. We had an offsite in the afternoon so work was painless, only in the office until 1pm which is nice since I rolled in a little later then usual. I really kept my nose to the grind knowing I wanted to kick out as much of my work before leaving so I wouldn't have to look at a mess of stuff when I did return (today). Our offsite was at the fabulous Pick Wick Gardens. Our little team of 10 would be battling it out bowling style while still enjoying a grease filled lunch of pizza offset of course by salad and some deli subs. Yum! It was lots of fun and of course there will be embaressing pics to prove it. I bowled ok, nothing spectacular but definetly not at the bottom of the heap. We were free to go home after our lane rental time was over. That was a really nice treat. I knew exactly what I was going to do when I got home:
1) Read more of New Moon
2) Shower
3) Quick clean up before the sitter came over

Since T was picking the kids up I had some time to just relax. It was nice. I only spent an hour reading which really felt like 10-minutes. Anyway the sitter showed up right on time. We debriefed her and headed out to catch a movie at 7pm. We planned to see What We Do Is Secret. I read about this movie over a year ago, it's the story of Darby Crash from the Germs, and i've been excited to see it. So I was more then thrilled to find it playing not to far from my house. I really enjoyed it, i don't know if its a movie for everyone but if you like music or a punk rock fan i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it. I forget that the germs were around way back when. Periodically the dates would appear on the screen rolling a timeline out for the audience. I would gasp and think, "god, I was only 3 years old!" I forget much of that music came out when i was a teensy kid. I mean, by the time Darby Crash died I was only 6. It was a good choice of movie considering much of my other options. But I'll be saving the House Bunny for some other time. Hah!

Today my Amazon order should be arriving. I finished New Moon last night and am dying to read the next story. Obsessed I tell ya!

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