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Lazy Sunday...that's how it feels lying in bed typing this out. The air is crisp, the peacefulness of morning (minus the occassional spat between my kids), comfy in bed. It's hard to get the motivation to start the day. I have a laundry list of things to do but don't really want to do it. We'll see what happens today.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party at Travel Town. it was a lot of fun. Lots of kids, good food and a train ride. The kids had a blast. Since it was one of their classmates birthday party there were a ton of their friends in attendance. They busted out the train table and all the toys and the kids were totally occupied. K and V had their first crack and a pinata and we were shocked by K's determination. He swung so hard people were gasping. Unfortunately not hard enough for the candy to come pouring out. V was a bit more dainty he took maybe one or two light swings and suddenly dropped the stick and walked away. We think he was a bit traumatized by the fact that he was being told to hit the crap out of Thomas! He was worried before the pinata beating started. Thomas was hanging by a rope from a tree and he really didn't understand why that would be there. I don't blame him. He loves the little train.

Kids took a long nap and allowed me to get some cleaning done.

Oh yeah, totally off the subject, on Friday night I finished Breaking Dawn. I probably would have finished on Monday or Tuesday night but I really didn't want to end the series. I dragged it out has much as humanly possible but when Friday came I couldn't take it anymore. I loved it so much. I've never felt so passionate about a series before. I may have enjoyed this a tad more then Harry Potter but its hard to compare because they are so different. Once I get my copy of Twilight back from my friend I may re-read the entire series just incase I missed anything. In the interim I'm ready the draft of Midnight Sun (that got leaked so Stephanie Meyer posted the incomplete draft online). Its great as well. A retelling of Twilight from Edwards' point of view. I hope in time, she changes her mind and releases it as a book. It will be great. Now I sit and wait for the movie.

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