Awake To Early On A Saturday

Its been a few days. I've been slammed with work. With the kinda stuff I've been doing, political ads are a big deal and it has taken up a majority of my time. No big deal, busy, easy and distracting. But no more about work. I just don't care at this moment.

Vacation is creeping up on me. The kids requested a countdown calendar of sorts. I drew one up for them so they can easily determine the day and if its a "home day" a "school day" or "hawaii day." Last night before bed we exed out Friday and K went through the countdown reciting what each day was. As he realized there were less days then the day before he got so super giddy. Then K and V proceeded to actually count the days and got even more giddy. V immediately ran to the kitchen and asked that I secure the paper to the fridge so they can see it whenever they want. Seeing the kids get so excited makes my excite go through the roof. As the days sluggishly creep up it gets harder to focus. I've done my OCD tasks and created packing list for each member of the family and this weekend I will do laundry and pack so we dont need to worry about it during the work week and to ensure we don't wear anything we want to take with us.

This past Wednesday T and I had our night out while the kids hung out with the sitter. We didn't really have any plans and decided to wing it. We had a nice, casual dinner at Tangier. T had a chicken curry while I had a grilled chicken breast w/muster seed cream sause and mash. It was delicious. We shared a dessert sampler which was much to rich for us be we enjoyed it none the less. After dinner we strolled through Los Feliz and originally wanted to stop for some coffee but our fave place was packed so we skipped it. We decided to hit a bookstore to pick out some books for the flight to Hawaii. T picked up two sci-fi books which are actually the first and thrid book of a series. He had read book 2 a couple years ago and decided it was time to fill in the blanks. I bought a YA supernatural book called A Great and Terrible Beauty and shocked by Borders prices I ordered 2 more books from Amazon the next day: 1) American Psycho and 2)How Sassy Changed My Life. Once the books were chosen we perused the magazine racks and man-o-man the Hollywood Borders has the BEST magazine selection ever! While we were in Borders, also looking at mags was Zachary Quinto (from Heroes). He is much taller then expected!

We had a big unexpected expense this week. While T was on the freeway the SUV got a flat tire. It wasn't a blow out but a gradual leak that eventually left it flat. Luckily he was able to exit the 134 and pull over on the side of a surface street. AAA took forever and while he was waiting with the hazard lights on the battery drained and died! Once he was on the spare and the battery charged he took care of his work stuff and headed to Costco to buy 2 new tires (and on their suggestion we'll need 2 more for the front to even it out in about 10K miles). We knew we were due for a new battery soon so we just picked one up as well and hopefully that will get installed this weekend with a little help from a friend.

After work yesterday I had an appointment for a haircut. I was long overdue. My hair was long, nearly at my waist and the ends, about 4 inches or so , was really dry and had lots of split ends. I chopped off, conservatively 6 inches, I think maybe a bit more. I had the layers trimmed up quite a bit and requested my bangs were left alone since i'm in the excruciating process of growing them up. My hair now feels and looks great. It's smoother and feels so much lighter. Unfortunately the girl I like to see was on vacation so I had to see somenone else instead. I'm not complaining since Sarah did a good job. But the one thing Connie does that I love is the thinning she thins the hell out of my hair, her technique is spot in. Its a bit scary to watch because it seems as though she has no order or plan and executing on a whim with those tihnning shears. Her chaotic cutting works for her as it alwasy turns out perfect. Next cut will be back with my girl and i'll let her do what she does best! But to give praise where its due big kudos to sarah for the awesome job.

K has homework this weekend. It a rather cute assignment, creating a family shield while adding a few elements requested by the teacher and second is kinda like a profile page of sorts about K. I printed out a bunch of colored pics we can use for the assignment and hopefully we will be able to unleash our family creativeness and come up with something colorful, fun and representative of K and the rest of us. But my goodness, are we really starting homework so early????

and Liz....to answer your comment from the last post. I'll totally go see Twilight with you. My husband just roles his eyes at me whe I bring it up. He doesn't get it and just laughs at me when I try to discuss the book with him.

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