Achey Breaky

After work yesterday I hit the gym. Totally not unusual since I go 2-3 times per week. But yesterday I started incorporating a new weight lifting circuit, i don't know what its called, but its equivalent to lying on your back and lifitng one of those big barbell things. Anyway, i added this machine on becasue it worked up my lower neck, clavicle, and shoulder area. I kept it pretty light and manageable since this area is pretty virginal in the exercise world. But damn am i aching and uncomfortable. everything in the area is pretty knotty and i'm debating if I should sign up for a massage this afternoon, whatever the masseuse does will surely help.

Last night the kids preschool had a fundraiser at CPK. It was nice to get outta the house for dinner and for the kids to see their friends outside of school. The kids weren't outta control or anything but I do fee a tad bit sorry for the regular patrons who had no idea that a preschool was holding a fundraiser at the restaurant. K ordered the mac and cheese and the order was so large. It was larger then my typical dinner portion and he ate maybe 1/3, not bad. over the course of 2008 K has had a total turn around with his eating. He was very finicky and picked at his food. But now its like he's seen the light. He nearly always eats all his food regardless of what I put in front of him. He used to be very skepticle of all meat unless it was cased or in mcnugget form. Now I can serve him grilled chicken with rice and veggies and he's good. Or teriyaki beef or kal bi and he's totally cool with it all. I love it! He's also loving things like beans and cous cous and its wonderful that he's into it all. One of his new faves is BBQ. If anythign is BBQ'd he'll eat it. God I love it. However the little guy, V, is picky. Only wants PB&J or mac and cheese. Its tough to get him to eat other things. Luckily he loves fruit (not so much veggies yet). I try to disguise things in muffins and other treats making sure he's getting other types of nourishment that is needed for him. Im not super concerned since K went through this exact same phase. But knowing the outcome with K, I just want V to get there as well.

I've secured my sitter for a special day in Nov so T and I can go see Alkaline Trio. I'm super excited. Tickets are still available but i'll wait until payday to actually buy them. They are playing 3 dates beginning on Halloween but we'll go see them on the last day. There are some other shows I want to see but I have some time to let my sitter know. In two weeks Rancid is playing I really want to see them but we may be pushing our luck since it is the night before (the only night, out of 5 nights, not sold out) we get on a first morning flight out of LA. hmmm....Nov 18 is the Misfits which I would love to see. I've seen them 3 times already so it's not do or die but if I'm able to hook up the free tickets and VIP passes then we'll go, otherwise i'm not paying. lastly is Nov 20 with The Sounds. T doesn't care if he sees them or not but I'd like to. I'm not even sure how much ticekts are or if they are still available. Man o man, what am I going to do when my sitter transfers colleges?????

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  1. Piper is in the same phase as V. right now. Picky, picky, picky. Used to love veggies but boycotts most of them now (except for corn on the cob, which she prob. only eats because of the novelty factor and it's about to be out of season). She eats a lot of fruit and I sometimes worry about all of the sugar, but I figure fruit is better than ton of starchy carbs.

    I miss the LA music scene. We get a few decent bands every year in Albany.... but not enough for my liking.