3am-Lights Out

I stayed up reading until 3am. It was in my head that I could not go to bed until I finished Eclipse last night. Not only did I finish I dove straight into Breaking Dawn. Im undeniably in love with these books. Maybe before "in love," "obsessed" would be a better word. So in a week I read the frist three books. I'll probably re-read them right before the movie release in November. But enough of that.

We were down in Carlsbad for the weekend. On Friday we made a last minute decision to book a room and spend the week down south. We have legoland passes and we wanted to use them. Plus V is only free until the end of the year and then we'll need to start paying for him. The suspiciously look at him now barely believing he's 2.5 years. The kids had a great time, T and I had fun but were mainly thrilled to see the kids having such a great time. We returned home late afternoon Sunday and we all kind of lazily hung out at home. It was a great way to spend the weekend.

T and I are so desperate for vacation that we are looking for the best way to make the weekends fly by. We don't worry much about the work week as that fly's by on its own. Speaking of weekdays. Having the sitter come by one night a week has been proven indispensable on my sanity. Being able to relieve parental duties for a night and just be "ME" is awesome. Im totally enjoying my time going to the movies with T and having quite dinners. Just being Amber and T. I found myself again, just when I thought Amber was slipping away to being just "mom." Nothings wrong with that but it does mess with me a little mentally and having found myself again is exciting.

T is off to Vegas on Thursday. Just for a day. No big deal. Work stuff. Meeting with the biz accountant. I don't mind the day trips much and i'm glad he is flying out there instead of having a crazy idea like driving!

I was hoping T would get another sitting on his arm completed before we split for Hawaii but i'm starting to have my doubts. He is such a slacker. If I had a half completed sleeve on my arm for a year I would be going nuts! I think I may have to make the appointment for him. Since he started taht sleeve i've gotten my forearm completed as well as two smaller tattoos (my crowned tooth and my diamond). Maybe i'm just more determined. I'll bug him about it tonight and see where that leads.

New guilty pleasure song. Im kinda embaressed because the guitar player sometimes singer is miley cyrus' brother. Oh well, a catchy song is well, a catchy song.
Metro Station - Disco

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