Valium Knights

Since it wasn't to badly hot this weekend we took the kids to the zoo on saturday. The kids were beat though. Normally they can't wait to run wild but all they wanted to do was sit in the rented zoo stroller and eat kettle corn and be pushed around. Thank god we have membership so I don't feel so bad skipping over most animals. The kids ate such junk on Saturday it made my stomach ache! Fast forward to Saturday night. K came into my room climbed into bed and started saying his tummy was aching climbed out of my bed laid on the ground and proceeded to throw up, over and over. GROSS! I sprang out of bed, luckily T was awake too. We grabbed him, stripped him and I took him in the shower. Once he was cleaned up he wanted to sleep in bed with me. I told him it was okay but in my head I was praying he wouldn't barf all over me. I was not in the mood for picking out barf chunks from my hair. He tossed and turned but told me he felt better and made a point to say, "mommy, i'm not going to throw up." Whew....He didn't throw up again! I washed up all the blanks and sheets he did barf on and there were nasty barf chunks in my washer so much so that i needed to run an empty cycle to wash it out. Upon drying the sheets and blankets I saw much of the residual barf chunks in my lint trap. KETTLE CORN!!!!!!! ugh! I'll never see the stuff the same way, dammit! That stuff is yummy.

Sunday was pretty restful. We went to the Natural History Museum (membership,yo!) to check out the Butterfly pavilion once more before it ends (and turns into the Spider exhibit, hmmmmm....guess what happens to the butterflies). The kids had a nice time as usual. I love that they specifically ask for the Natural History Musuem. Again we cruised through the exhibits, stopped by the market, the bank and then headed home for a later then usual lunch. Later that afternoon we stopped by the library to return some books and borrow some new stuff. I borrowed some kid CDs (this, this and this) so I can rip them to iTunes and put it on the kids iPod to play music in their room. And as usual we walked out of there with 10 books and a couple of DVDs.

As I hoped the weekend was nice and I did get a bunch of stuff done around the house. I also indulged in a bunch of Hills specials on MTV which were obviously ramping up for the new season tonight. Woo Hoo. Yes, i love that trash!

And now here's the new Spinerette single, Valium Knights (Brody Dalle from the Distillers new band).

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