Tired But Still Awake

Now that the days of Felicity and Gilmore Girls are long gone we've been watching past seasons of Scrubs. Yesterday we started season 3. I had occassionally watched the show on TV but it was always up against some other show and when the days of Tivo arrived for me I had two other shows already recording (I think it was Grays Anatomy and Supernatural) but i'm not sure. Anyway, i'm catching up now and boy is it a damn funny show. Tonight I climbed into bed and started S3 EP4 and within the first few minutes I catch my friend's quick walk on. Anyway i'm quite enjoying it but hadn't realized there were 8 seasons of the show. Another series i've been watching for the first time is Veronica Mars. God how do I describe....I.LOVE.IT. Love, love, love it. To bad it was only on for 3 seasons and I only have a few more episodes left for the series.

T is out of town tonight. He and his co-worker flew out to Phoenix this afternoon for a working lunch and dinner meeting. No biggie, I can handle it especially since he'll be home late morning tomorrow. The kids have learned to deal with his traveling, which has been drastically reduced. It's kinda sad, in a way. Aside from not seeing their dad when they get home and questioning his whereabouts they are pretty much over the situation. To bad T was much to busy with his meetings that he didn't get a chance to video chat with the boys before they went to bed. In anticipation of flying solo tonight I made my life much easier and ordered them sure fire take out. Panda Express: chow mein + char siu. They ate it especially since they love noodles and its very rare that I pick up Panda for them.

Tomorrow I need to remember to return some library books and borrowed library DVDs. I think waiting until this period of time to get library cards was perfect. Having new books in our home every week has been great for the kids. They are so eager to sit with either T or I and have us read the "new" books to them. And they have totally grasped the library concept and they don't have fits or anything when its time to return the books. Its really been great. Although I would love some time to go on my own and check out books to read. But it'll be a few weeks as i'm finishing up Stiff (after a long hiatus, no time) and just beginning Twilight (gearing up for the movie).

Tomorrow afternoon we have a BBQ to attend. It should be lots of fun and the kids will love splashing about the pool. My BFF and family have sold their beautiful home and will be moving. Hopefully i'll have lots of pictures to post to Flickr. Im just super thrilled they'll still be in the 'dale and not to far away.

Sunday night we have our sitter coming to watch the kiddos so we can go out for a bite and to see Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies at HOB. Should be tons-o-fun. Hopefully if all the ducks line up just so we'll get to watch from the Foundation Room (bonus since we got the hook up for free tickets). Maybe we should just eat at pinks and make it a pretty darn inexpensive eve? It's still Friday and my brain is much to overloaded to figure out the plan for Sunday, besides the concert.

Tickets for Hawaii have been purchased and my 2 week vacation cannot come soon enough! The kids are super excited and everyday asking me how much closer we are to jetting and its kinda depressing to tell them its still a bit far away. T has been such a slacker with scheduling another session for his sleeve that i've been forcing him to make at least 1 appointment before we go. How sad man, it'll have been a year since our last visit to Hawaii and he'll have to go back still with no color! Lame-o!

I'm getting tired now.

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