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I'm rewatching season 1 episodes of Gossip Girl. I love how in episode 3 the schools all girl acapella group sings their version of Fergie's G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S. It really sets the tone of the show. I can't wait for Season 2 to start. The show is so campy and fun!

Tomorrow night we scored reservations to Palate located here in the 'Dale. Very much looking forward to it. Recently there's been lots of articles on the restaurant: here and here and here. Should be fun. We're going with our buds the Cohens.

I checked out the Marc by Marc Dr. Q Groovee (in grape) this weekend. It is removed from my list. I love the color but I do not love the girth of the bag. It's to duffely and the short strap is strictly on your forearm or hand possibly your shoulder if you can deal with how round the bag is. The long strap is to short. color itself does not make me want this, i do not find it functional for my needs.

My decision has been made but fuscia.

Work has been bugging me lately therefore i'm hating it right now. My opinion of my "boss" is a that he is inexperienced with no clear understanding of my work status compared to the rest of my team. Since I don't really work with him I think he probably doesn't feel like he has control over my day to day bizness. I think there may be a slight power struggle sicne I understand my work status just fine and I use it to my advantage WITHOUT taking advantage of it and would never think of it. I think it may threaten him. All this frustration is just making me want to be on a leave of abscense.

We're still thinking of moving out of CA. Although things have gotten a little more confusing. Portland is still on the table but we've decided to factor in Hawaii. Hawaii brings about "issues" with T and I. Although Hawaii is a different place and we're different people then when we lived there we need to overcome. The kids talk about HI all the time, they tell us they want to live there, they say they want to see the grandparents more and visit and play with their cousins. We feel selfish. We feel guilty. We need to seriously think about it and figure out the pros and cons. Tough decisions.

There's this Swedish rapper called Mofo the Maverick that has a song that samples Starship's "we built this city." Check it out, I mean c'mon, he samples Starship!

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